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The month of March is a very important month if you are a basketball fan. It’s “March Madness” and there are games from every team around the country participating in playoffs and finals all month. We are big basketball fans at our house. I was watching a game this week with my children and a commercial came on for the NBA. Their slogan this season is “NBA—Where Amazing Happens.” They were highlighting their best players and talking about reaching dreams and goals. It got me thinking about placing ourselves in the right environment so that “our amazing happens.”

I’m a big believer that women need the right environment to make their amazing happen. I rarely come up with my big ideas unless the environment is right for me to be creative. I like a quiet, reflective environment where I can see lots of nature—trees, flowers, grass, blue sky. This is a big topic of discussion in my Women’s Success Circles. I invite each woman to determine where her best environment might be to create her “amazing life.” This is why I have all of my Success Circles at the Inn at Playa del Rey or work with women at the Channel Road Inn. It’s a peaceful, reflective place where women can think about what they really want to happen next in their life.

This is such a crucial part of designing our preferred lives, and we often don’t always realize how important it is. We sit down at the kitchen table to begin or complete a project and guess what happens? Distractions! Lots of them! “Mom, where’s my …..”? The phone begins to ring. We look over at the kitchen sink and see it full of dishes waiting for us. Or if we work in an office setting, it’s pretty much the same except its co-workers knocking on our door, unanswered emails, or endless meetings that require our presence. I have a client who finally began to take this seriously and she rented a small studio apartment with no phone. She goes there 2 times per week and her staff has no idea where she is. She tells me that she is creating the most amazing dreams and goals for her personal and professional life in this environment.

How about you? Do you have an environment where you can make your amazing happen? You do not have to rent a studio apartment—that‘s just one example. You can go to a park, the local library, or maybe you have a nice quiet space where you can create undisturbed. What I hear from a lot of women is “I’m not very creative.” Oh, yes you are! Every woman is full of creativity. How do I know? Well, I went through the first half of my life thinking that I wasn’t creative. Once I gave myself that creative space and the permission to really explore what I really wanted in my life, it came pouring out of me like a waterfall. It’s about designing the space in your life so that your creativity can come pouring out. You will be amazed at what can happen when you purposefully place yourself in the right environment and have the right support person there to help you navigate your journey. And you will be delighted at how little time you need once you take this step.

Let’s not allow the NBA to be the only place “where amazing happens.” I invite you to think about two things: Where your creative environment might be and when you will visit that space. Spring has arrived. It’s the perfect time to plant your amazing seeds of creativity---your dreams, goals, and big idea.

Anything is possible. Everything is waiting for you.


Joy Chudacoff is the founder of Smart Women Smart Solutions®, a Professional Certified Coach and Motivational Speaker. A highly skilled group leader and business consultant, Joy has helped scores of women design the lives they choose to live. Helping women realize and achieve better ways of living is her passion, her purpose, and her business. As a wife and mother of two, Joy understands there is more to life than one's career. Like many women who are drawn to entrepreneurship, she inhabits ...

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