The productivity problem...

If you've been concerned about the impact your personal productivity is having on your business, you are not alone...

Today's small business owners are complaining about time-related pressures more than ever, saying that there's simply no way possible that they could EVER complete everything that's expected of them.

In this Quick Tip series, I'll be sharing lots of ways that you can make sure that the time you're spending in your business has maximum impact.

I promise that these emails will ALWAYS be a quick read. Some of the ideas I'll share are simply intended to get you thinking. Most will be things you can implement immediately.

What is productivity?

But here's where we begin... when you boil productivity down to its very core essence, there are two factors that come into play:

1) You can increase the VALUE of what you're doing...

2) OR you can decrease the amount of TIME you spend doing it.

Why this matters...

Simply by examining these two things - over and over - in what you do during the day or over the course of doing business, you'll gain new insight into what your time is really worth... and how you may be able to make what you do feel more impactful.


All great visionaries need someone behind the scenes who helps them create a solid plan to move from point A to point B. As a Business Strategist and Managing Director of the professional services firm, A 25 Hour Day, LLC, Joy Duling plays that role, helping time-pressed professionals find the focus, systems and accountability they need to achieve their goals. View Joy's motivational personal video message for all entrepreneurs and small business owners at

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