Getting The Most From Your Promotional Items

You have a box of great promo items ready to take to a trade show. You bought them because you know they're the most effective possible advertising for your company. Now how can you get the best "bang for your buck" from these items? Follow these simple rules:

1. Keep it neat. Display the promotional items nicely. Remember, potential customers will not automatically know how much you spent for the items, so you have the opportunity to increase their perceived value. If you dump a box of pens onto your table, they will look like they have little value. But if you line them up neatly in rows, they will seem more valuable to people passing by.

2. Keep in touch. Placing a promotional item in a potential customer's hand is the single best way to increase that item's perceived value. Something lying on a table is just an object, but when you place it in a potential customer's hand, you have made personal contact. Add a smile or a handshake, and you may have made a business contact.

3. Keep your business cards nearby. Some potential customers will appreciate the little flashlight imprinted with your company's contact information, but they'll also want a business card they can put in their file. Keep a neat stack of your cards near your promotional items, and both will appear to have more value.

That's all there is to it -- display nicely, add the personal touch, and provide a card version of your contact information. Then you'll get the most from your new promotional items.


Julius Rosen has been involved as a direct import specialist with the business gift, premium and advertising specialty industry for over 30 years. He currently runs which provides low priced custom imprinted promotional products such as pens, key tags and squeeze balls. Promotional products inclde items such as imprinted pen, calendars, stress balls and are items often given out free to clients and potential customers as well as thank you's to employees. They are us...

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