Improve site security with VeriSign Secure Site certificates

The VeriSign Secure Site with EV SSL certificate provides a minimum of 40-bit and up to 256-bit encryption, with more than 99% browser recognition. It also includes a $100,000 warranty and the VeriSign Trust Seal.

The SSL is the most widely used, internationally recognized security protocol today. It is a standard for providing an authenticated connection between two machines across the Web or a local network. We see a secure-socket-layer encrypted connection when a browser requires an authenticated connection between the end-user's browser and the site's server.

Taking a practical view, SSL is a clear protocol, requiring far less end-user interaction than most alternatives. When connected to an authenticated session, users are mostly alert of the secure connection with the use of the lock icon which is generally called a "padlock." When a site uses an EV SSL, the address bar displays both the padlock and a green bar (standardly, depending on the browser used). This both give you site security with the SSL encryption and creates a smooth experience for the end-users.

The VeriSign Trust Seal works very well because of the alarm rise of fake sites, malwares and phishing that has made clients/users hesitant to do online business. Sites sometime look legal and secure but may not be, or at least the user can't trust site validity 100%. The VeriSign Trust Seal is the most recognized brand and makes your site trusted on the Internet. The Seal improves user satisfaction on the site.

Included totally free of charge with this and all VeriSign products are two VeriSign services: VeriSign Seal-in-Search drives search engine visitors to your site by associating with you its high-level security and trust, and VeriSign Malware Scanner scans your site daily, protecting it from blacklisting. Malware usage is increasing every day, and blacklisting by browsers and search engines has become a game-changer in the Web marketplace.

Any time you open a secure site to process a transaction, the web address bar switches from white to green to represent that the website is using an EV SSL certificate. The site owner's official organization name is shown on the certificate information. The normal is switch to advanced, indicating that the connection between the Web browser and the server are using SSL. The padlock shows that the live connection is now protected from viruses and hacking. The green bar enhances a sense of validity and trust in the organization, since EV and the green bar are becoming more widely used every day.

Making the website secure with Extended Validation SSL Certificates attracts more customers and gives them more confidence to complete their transactions online using VeriSign Secure Site with EV.

Benefits of the VeriSign Secure Site with EV SSL are Extended Validation, Green Address Bar, 40-bit minimum to 256-bit Encryption, 99.9% Browser Recognition Rate, Mobile Device Compatibility, $100,000 Warranty, VeriSign Trust Seal®, and Lifetime Re-Issuance Insurance.

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