TIP 1: Be yourself -

In this day and age people still buy people (have you ever bought anything of anyone you didn’t like?)…. So relax and just be yourself.

TIP 2: Having a good introduction/elevator story ready

This will help to give you confidence whenever you go into networking or face to face business meetings. Your introduction should only be around one minute, so keep it brief. Make sure you know your introduction statement well so that you send a good, strong message to your audience.

TIP 4: Plan and prepare for any new sales meetings or opportunities

Earn the right to do business with people and understand that the more homework you do about the potential new client will reduce the negotiations and objections you may get. If you want to present products and services that are of value to the prospect and that meet their needs, you have to ASK questions. Ask the right questions and the prospect will tell you what they want and how they need to be sold.

TIP 5: Think about the benefits of your business and its products and services. What makes then unique or superior to their (and your) competitors?

Let your clients buy your services; if you feel like you are helping them, then you won’t feel like you are selling to them. If you really believe that your products or services can really help someone, aren’t you doing them a favour by telling them what you do?

TIP 6: Knowing where to find new clients

Get out there and find your potential clients, don’t wait for them to come to you. Networking is a good place to find clients so try networking groups such as WNA, the local Chamber of Commerce, Business Enterprise Centre, Rotary Club or referral groups such as Business Networking International (BNI), SWAP, or Leads. If you need more confidence to go out and network, take a friend with you… there’s always strength in numbers!

TIP 7: Sales takes time

Increasing your confidence in sales and the ability to win new clients takes time, it isn’t easy for everyone, so give yourself some time. Develop a schedule each week and allocate time to work on your sales and marketing.

TIP 8: The importance of following up

Following up your clients for new sales opportunities or when you meet new business associates is an important part to growing your network and contact sphere. Know the value of what you have to offer and be yourself, remember people buy people. Always think about how you can help your clients and sales will come a lot easier to you.


This sales article was written by Karen Andrews, Director of Shine Sales Solutions, a Sydney based Sales Coach, Strategist and Sales expert that works with businesses to increase their sales through strategy development, sales coaching and mentoring.

Specialising in sales strategy, business development, sales effectiveness and sales training Karen is committed to making the changes that will inspire, motivate and help you realise your sales goals and potential. Get more free sales t...

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