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Web Site Traffic - 2 More Ways to Drive Visitors to your Blog You've spent lots of time creating the perfect blog post, but you're stumped over ways to bring in readers. You've already invited your newsletter subscribers to read your new post, you've linked your new post to other relevant posts, and you've even mapped out a few follow up posts.

But so far, you're a little disappointed with the amount of traffic you've received. You're beginning to feel like it's time to bring in the big guns.

If you're looking for a few heavy-hitter ways to drive traffic to your blog, why not consider these:

Ask Other Bloggers to Link to You

Pitching other bloggers can be as easy as simply saying, "Would you mind linking to my blog?" But, unfortunately, most of the time it just doesn't work that way.

When requesting links from other bloggers, do your homework first. Spend some time studying the blogger and reading as many of his posts as possible. Get a good feel for the type of information he likes to provide, and try to assess what his audience is looking for. Make sure what you're offering is relevant to his readers.

Then, present your best material. As small business bloggers, we all have certain posts that just aren't quite up to snuff. Maybe we just weren't feeling it that day; or maybe we wrote what we thought was a brilliant piece, but when we read it a few days later we realized it sounded like junk. Whatever the case is, you know in your heart which pieces just aren't your best. Often, those are posts that show up in your analytics as being in need of a bit more traffic. So you might be tempted to ask other bloggers to link to those less-than-optimal posts. Don't do it. It's not worth risking their reputation, or yours.

Explain to the blogger how he and his readers can benefit by linking to your post. This should be easy to do if you've chosen relevant blogs and if you've spent enough time getting to know the blogger and his audience. You can simply refer to one of his previous posts: "On Tuesday you wrote about banana nut bread and I think my post about blueberry muffins would be a great follow up for your readers."

If you're looking for a link from a really big player in your field, I suggest you build up your blog's popularity a bit before putting in your request. Remember, most bloggers are trying to serve their audience and they want to provide valuable information. They will more than likely want proof that your blog is valuable before going out on a limb and endorsing it. That proof will come in the form of incoming links and Google PR.

Comment on Other Blogs

If you've found another blog that really complements your own blog, but you don't feel like your blog is attractive enough (not enough PR yet) to warrant a direct link, you can start by getting involved on the other blog. Start by leaving a few insightful comments on a few of the posts. Make sure your comments are relevant and actually add value to the conversation. Don't simply regurgitate what the blogger was saying.

After a few comments, you can start referring to your own blog and even link directly to one of your posts. As you get involved with the conversation and the audience gets to know you, they will be naturally interested in your own blog and your valuable information. This is bound to drive more than a few eyeballs to your posts.

Believe it or not, most bloggers are familiar with their audience and their regular commenters. Eventually, the blogger will get familiar with your name, he might even check out your blog himself, and he will be more open to linking directly to your blog once he sees the value in the information you provide.

The most important part of driving traffic from other blogs is to always provide valuable relevant information. And then, be patient. By getting involved in the conversation with other bloggers, the traffic is sure to come, although it might be at a little slower pace than you had originally hoped.


Karen works with entrepreneurs who own high traffic websites and helps them implement split testing and optimization to recover the revenues they don't even realize they are leaving on the table.

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