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The current phenomenon of social networking is Twitter. Its creation has sparked a revolutionary way to communicate a message to a large targeted audience. Online business owners are especially at an advantage as not only does their company exposure increase, but so does their website traffic. The number of people that can be directed to your website is immense if you know how to correctly use Twitter to your business' advantage. Three easy techniques below will give you the knowledge to hit those website numbers through this free online marketing tool.

Create and Expand Your Network: The first goal upon creating your Twitter business account is to build your contacts. Begin to search for those who are interested in what you have to offer and comment on their posts or start to "follow" them. Twitter is based around people who you follow, and the ones who are following you. Followers are basically the ones receiving the updates by you on their end. Each day you should have a goal to obtain some quality followers. It isn't necessarily a popularity game, but more so an idea to gain potential customers.

Link your website: To use Twitter to your best advantage when retrieving website traffic, you need to make your followers want to visit your website. Give them teasing posts in which the viewers will have to click on your link to receive the full information. Don't go overload on this but be sure to include your website enough to maintain your goal of strengthened website traffic. If your link is too long to include along with your comment, tools like or Tiny Url ( are helpful to shorten your links.

Comment on other posts: To increase your website traffic you can venture outside your network and comment on posts from businesses or individuals who have an excessive amount of followers. If their followers take interest in what you have to write they will follow through and click on your link or continue to follow you. This is a great way to use other Twitter pages and networks to share your educational and useful information.

These simple techniques will make your Twitter using experience more rewarding and certainly more profitable as your "follower" list continues to grow and gain attention.



Karl Kleimeyer is a business coach and mentor that assists serious entrepreneurs in building a profitable online business with multiple incomes streams. Karl and his team have assisted many people in generating profits that exceed 6 figures in their first year. For more information and to contact Karl, visit:

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