Repurpose and Repackage Your Products To Build Your Six-Figure Online Business

A great way to optimize your efforts is to package your information in many different formats through what is referred to as repurposing. This simply means that if you write a report you can turn that report into a longer document that can become an eBook. Or your eBook can become a teleseminar. The teleseminar can become a mini course. The mini course can be turned into a mentoring program.

Repurposing Online Information Products

With online information products, you can repurpose your offerings which keeps the lifecycle alive much, much longer.

For example, you may have started with an eBook on a topic. It is likely the eBook will reach a peak and then move into decline of sales.

From there you could repurpose into a teleseminar, then a full day training, then a mentoring course, then into workbooks, and then into a redeveloped eBook.

As the old saying goes, "You are only limited by your imagination." And drive, and market need, and focus, and......

Phase I and Phase II

There are two primary phases that you need to focus on with products. One is the development phase. The other is the sales and marketing phase.

Often, newbies tend to put more focus on the development phase and very little on how to take the product to market. Both are equally important.


Product Development


Product Marketing and Selling

Always keep the big picture in mind and plan how one product can enhance another. As you are developing one product try to determine how else you could package your information in a way that continues to bring value to your market.

Remember to start with an easy point of entry that is very low risk to people who are just being introduced to you.


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