What’s so unique about you and your products and services?

One of the greatest challenges for building a business and a presence online is standing out. In most cases, an expert is one among many. Without some type of clear distinction they get lost in the shuffle.

The more distinct you are, the more of a unique presence you have, the easier it is for your market to identify you as the solution to their problems.

It’s absolutely essential to realize you are not a solution for everyone. When you position your “voice” not everyone will care to do business with you. Yet, there are those who will jump through hoops to have the opportunity to work with you.

It’s all about knowing what makes you unique. It’s not about blending in. It’s about a Unique Selling Proposition.

The whole idea of a unique selling proposition is to focus on what’s unique about you and what specific products and services your company provides. Find a niche or specialty that you can – or do – fill. It’s difficult to operate a business without a clearly defined message. Many companies flounder because they do not have a clear message to convey; their products are mired in a state of ambiguity.

Begin by writing down every reason you can think of as to why people would want to do business with you. If your business involves others, include them in this exercise. You can have a high-energy brainstorming session that includes input from a cross section of people in your organization. You never know where some of the best ideas will come from within your group.

If you are a solopreneur, and belong to a mastermind group, you can brainstorm with those in your group. Mastermind groups are great for more than ideas; often you can also find business partners, vendors, customers, and joint-venture and affiliate partners.

Keep your customers in mind. Are they upscale, and price is not an issue for them? Or are they bargain hunters, and the best value for their money is most important to them? If money is not an issue for your market, and you are constantly offering sales and discounts, this could actually be counterproductive. If your market is price conscious, ignoring pricing issues is counterproductive.

Whatever answers you come up with regarding what makes you unique, follow up with the next question. For example, if you decide great service is what makes you unique, the next question is “What makes our service so great compared to our competitors?”

Some ways to differentiate your product from others are:

  • How long you’ve been in the industry
  • Life experience
  • Price
  • Convenience
  • Whether your product is one-of-a-kind
  • Expertise
  • Track record
  • Education
  • Lack of education
  • Certifications
Whatever USP you adopt, it’s imperative that it resonates with who you really are. The more true to who you are, the easier it will be for your market to resonate with your message.

Remember, not everyone is your market, nor should they be. It’s about finding the core group of people who really want to do business with you.


Kathleen Gage works with successful entrepreneurs who are ready to quit playing small in order that they can get their signature message out in a BIG way through speaking, writing, information products and a targeted online presence.

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