You're not succeeding with Internet marketing because of this!

In the years I have been involved in Internet Marketing, there is one activity a great many people avoid; building their opt in subscriber list. This is a huge mistake and likely the primary reason the majority of people who attempt to utilize the power of the Internet to market their businesses fail. It doesn't have to be this way. The cornerstone of virtually any successful entrepreneur using the Internet to market their products and services is a responsive opt in subscriber list. Notice I didn't say Internet marketing guru, but rather entrepreneur.

I am talking about anyone who is using the Internet to market their business. This means authors, coaches, consultants, speakers, artists, musicians and brick and mortar business owners. All can benefit greatly from building a responsive opt in subscriber list.

There are countless ways to build your list, but I recommend you begin with something simple. Don't implement advanced strategies until you have had some success with the more elementary ways.

To move right into advanced strategies before you have a foundation in place is like trying to run in track and field in the Olympics before you have run around the block. You would give up very quickly.

Building an opt in list takes time. Build your foundation as a process rather than trying to do everything in an unrealistic time frame.

Avoid simply jumping into the process. To succeed there are some things you need to know, do and have.

First, you need to know who your market is and is not. Next, you need a good autoresponder service. Next, you need something of value to give away.

Knowing your market will save you time, money and frustration. Rather than thinking everyone will be interested in what you have to offer, research a niche (as well as sub-niches) to define clearly who you can market to and who will respond to your message.

A reliable autoresponder program is an absolute must have. Otherwise, you won't have an efficient way to build and organize your list.

Next you need a high value giveaway. Without an ethical bribe, visitors to your website, blog or landing page have no motivation to leave their contact information.

A huge part of the process is to build name recognition and trust with your subscribers. This is done by keeping in touch, follow up and continuing to create value for them.

One of the best ways to cut your learning curve is study what the experts do. Find out how they have built their list, what they do to keep in touch, how they build ongoing value and how they build trust with their market.


Kathleen Gage works with successful entrepreneurs who are ready to quit playing small in order that they can get their signature message out in a BIG way through speaking, writing, information products and a targeted online presence.

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