Are You a Joiner?

I recently returned from a series of meetings with some very successful business owners. I remember hearing one of the members of the group state they were all joiners. I started thinking about that statement and therefore felt it would make an excellent topic for this forum.

Have you ever considered why you join a certain group, organization or opportunity? Do you join everything that is available or do you carefully consider your reasons for joining a group or organization?

Many people join to gain more exposure and think that eventually someone will see them and want to conduct business with them. I notice in my online networking groups that there are many people who are happy to join but are silent members. They never offer any input or try to establish new relationships within the group. I have to ask the obvious question. Why did you join?

There is a law of giving and receiving that has always worked in my life every time.

The more someone is willing to give the more they get in return. I have found that in general once I focus on what others need the things I need are naturally provided to me.

The more we connect people together, the more they will remember us. Do you consider yourself as someone who is well connected? People will think of you and remember you only once they get to know you and when you are willing to add value to others. They will remember you as a person who is a resource and this will add more value to you and leave a lasting impression. These are the people others are drawn to or seek out when they need advice or a good referral.

When you are meeting people are you ignoring those who appear to have nothing in common with you? When you meet somebody who has a completely different set of talents and expertise than you, it's easy to brush that person off because you assume that you have nothing to offer one another. Each person has a background and certain level of experience they bring to the group. Additionally they offer ideas or suggestions and experiences that we might need and can be the key to our success sometimes. Each person we meet has something for us if we keep an attitude of expectancy and remain optimistic about each new connection.

Many times in my own life, I have found that the one person who seemed the most abrasive to me had the biggest gift or lesson for me to learn.

I am curious to hear your comments on this subject and eager to create a series of radio programs about this and hear your stories of how your business has profited by adding value and helping others make connections.


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