Don’t Read the News, Be the News!

Publicity is an interesting concept. There is no shortage of opinion on what it means and how it is used. From a public relations perspective, publicity is messaging from your organization that is deemed worthy of attention by the media. Although publicity as a rule is largely uncontrollable, PR professionals are experts at finding the newsworthy wherever it exists. Great news comes in many forms, including:

1. Timely news: Have you ever noticed that certain groups of stories dominate the airwaves? Great stories snowball, causing more and more “spin-off stories.”

2. Significance: Does your story affect a lot of people? Then tell them about it!

3. Local/Proximity: Local news is founded on it. If you are important to the community you operate in, they should know about it.

4. Unusual: Sometimes life is predictable. It’s when it isn’t that we pay attention.

5. Human interest: If your story tears at the heartstrings, speaks to the human condition, or displays great feats of courage or ingenuity, people will pay attention.

6. New: Pretty simple. If it’s new it’s news.

7. Celebrity: Celebrities dominate public consciousness. This is definitely the easiest way to get publicity.

Publicity isn’t always easy to spot in your own work. Your best bet is to go to the experts! Public relations professionals are trained to see the newsworthy in your messaging. They can put you on the map!


Kathryn Kates, CEO of Kathryn Kates Public Relations a boutique agency based in Oakville, Ontario, Canada--catering to the North American market. Kathryn opened a full service PR firm and talent agency over 20 years ago, and later worked as a journalist and broadcaster. Today, Kathryn works on both sides of the communications spectrum...opening doors wherever she goes. Kathryn has a proven track record in public relations. She's shown her natural ability to create "buzz" by combining imaginat...

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