Is there a right time for public relations? Well, often it is when it feels most like the wrong time. By that we mean, when you can least afford it may very well be the best time. Even if you've spent all your cash on developing your product.. that branding and promoting is now an added luxury that you can't think about, especially during this recession. This is understandable, however...this is the exact time that you should be reaching into the coffers and promoting like heck. First of all, because others in your industry may not be doing it, your product may very well stand out by itself. Also, to grow your business is to spread the word...the best of businesses have folded because their gospel wasn't spread. When putting your business plan sure to add a column for promotion and even advertising...good public relations and branding be it in the traditional sense or digital will pay for itself in no time.Public relations firms are realizing that in addition tocomphrensive PR campaigns,there is aneed to service those who want PR but work on a budget...we are there for those folks too with our piecemeal PR for the DIY'ers. PR experts can help you realize your business potential and aspirations.


Kathryn Kates, CEO of Kathryn Kates Public Relations a boutique agency based in Oakville, Ontario, Canada--catering to the North American market. Kathryn opened a full service PR firm and talent agency over 20 years ago, and later worked as a journalist and broadcaster. Today, Kathryn works on both sides of the communications spectrum...opening doors wherever she goes. Kathryn has a proven track record in public relations. She's shown her natural ability to create "buzz" by combining imaginat...

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