Social media allows our points of view and discussions to leave the room or the office and travel to far reaching places through cyberspace--allowing us to teach, learn, and share on a huge scale. Or, does the popularity of social media mean the decline of socialization? Are we gaining a way to connect on social networks like Facebook, at the expense of face-to-face communication. Should we find a happy medium while using this exciting new medium? Yes it is possible to use social media in both business and pleasure to reach new heights, gain success and expand our business and/or social circles without loosing the art of old fashioned conversation. Let's share tips about the benefits of entering the social media world and perhaps some etiquette tips for using this technology in public without offending those around you - especially those who have not yet been converted to the technology world and would prefer to talk to you than watch you tweet.


Kathryn Kates, CEO of Kathryn Kates Public Relations a boutique agency based in Oakville, Ontario, Canada--catering to the North American market. Kathryn opened a full service PR firm and talent agency over 20 years ago, and later worked as a journalist and broadcaster. Today, Kathryn works on both sides of the communications spectrum...opening doors wherever she goes. Kathryn has a proven track record in public relations. She's shown her natural ability to create "buzz" by combining imaginat...

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Kathrene Martina Denbrok
21st August 2014 12:22am
where do i send books i have written.
how do i speak on air of these books?
Aaron Nolan
12th November 2014 2:36pm
You can send them to me -- I'll buy them -- however I want to be able to communicate with the honor on the content.
Removed confusing comments.
Kathrene Martina Denbrok
7th March 2015 8:17pm
I had a chance to view some of the postings of the books I have previously written that I retired from writing. I am interested in your view with regards to the honor of the content. Please e-mail me with your interests or questions?

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