3 Essential SEO Techniques for Beginners to Get Started

Search engines are among most trusted and easiest source of finding information about almost everything under the sun. But often internet users have tendency of confining themselves to the first result page. There are two reasons for this, firstly, they feel they do not find the need to look into successive result pages when the information is already on the first page. And some users wrongly perceive that the information or the websites listed on the first page of website are more trustworthy than others. While this is a boon for those sites that appear on the first page, it may be the killer bane for those who do not appear in that popular page. What if you are stuck in the vicious circle of lower search engine listing? Relax, though the top belong to a selected few, you may well be one among them.

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the trick. It addresses the problem at its very basic level. The purpose of owning a website is only met when your customers get to see your company website. What SEO does is to ensure that a specific website stays ahead in competition and draws traffic to it. Thus, there are better chances of customers visiting your company website.

What is important is to have well placed SEO strategies. Though with passing time many innovative SEO techniques are being invented but there are 3 basic techniques that make SEO strategies result oriented. These techniques are discussed below.

Key Word Selection:

Keywords are related terms that are used by people to search information through Search Engine. But here is a trick, most website owners think that using the most popular keyword or the most evident one will do the job. But, in actuality what serves the purpose better is particular set of keywords. The only way to know which keyword works and which do no is to have a clear idea about what users are searching. In addition having a clear idea about the extent of competition related to keywords for a website also pays. A well placed key words strategy is absolutely essential for enhancing sales and leads.

Link Building:

In simple terms Link Building is procedure of other website providing links for your site. It is essential for driving good traffic to your website. The process of link-building is easy but extremely essential.


Just choosing the right key words won't do. Placing them right in your webpage and correct formatting also play important roles. This process is known as optimization.

Learning these processes from an expert or getting it done by a company representative who specializes in SEO is always beneficial. So, the days are gone when the first page status would appear as a unattainable status.


Kaushal Gandhi is Director at Aaris Internet Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Kaushal regularly blogs about search engine optimization on Aaris Blog. He has written guide What is SEO?. Kaushal has compiled Google SEO Ranking Factors Guide.

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