SEO Pricing – 3 Pricing Models to Choose for Web Promotion

SEO remains one of the most critical aspects of online business. The fact that Search Engines are instrumental in producing the major percentage (60%-100%) of lead to a website explains it importance. But though the importance of SEO has already been established, its pricing remains a grey area. There is always the tussle of either pricing it too high and resultant risk of pricing out of the job and on extreme if the price is too low, the client may misjudge your ability. So is there no safe ground?

While pricing one has to keep in mind both the stages of SEO. Rather, the cumulative time spent on both on page and the offsite optimization procedure. Basically the key determinants in pricing are the time invested for the optimization process and the experience of the SEO. A standard rule goes like that a SEO service by a new professional should fetch $25 per hour and that by an experienced professional may be priced at $ 175 per hour.

In addition to the above mentioned mechanism there are other methods that can be used for proper pricing of SEO. They are as follows.

Price on performance:

In this type of payment module the pay is determined by the fruits of the SEO. Payment is made if SEO succeeds into getting a first page ranking. But this method is not fair enough with the results being highly defined by the client's perception and the SEO Company may suffer losses. This type of pricing is only limited to certain sections of the market where competition is considerably low.

Fixed Monthly fee:

In this module the client agrees to pay a fixed monthly rate, irrespective of the performance of the SEO. Given the uncertainly of the performance of the SEO. Clients would agree to such a set with only established SEO so that they can keep faith on the performance of the SEO. But, before getting into such a setup clients must understand that it takes time for SEO to generate result.

Pay per action:

Under this set up, there is an agreement in between the client and the SEO Company according to which the client will pay only if there are actions like a customer contacting the client, instance of sale etc. Usually the payment is made as a part of the sale. A client may offer somewhere in between 10%-15%.

Irrespective of any of the above mentioned methods, you should not only discuss it with the client prior to proceeding with the work but also sign contract that specifies every single detail regarding the method of payment and the timeline.


Kaushal Gandhi is Director at Aaris Internet Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Kaushal regularly blogs about search engine optimization on Aaris Blog. He has written guide What is SEO?. Kaushal has compiled Google SEO Ranking Factors Guide.

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