SEO Tips - How to Effectively Use Social Bookmarking Effectively

The internet is stuffed of social bookmarking sites. But are all equally effective? Bookmarking which is a method for creating back link for websites is a highly recognized Search Engine Optimization tool.

Experts opine that it pays well if the entire content of blogs and articles along with links are bookmarked with one or the other bookmarking sites. The back links generated in the process can act as effective search engine optimization tool.

For obtaining back links one must bookmark on specific sites that use "do-follow" along with their links. These act as genuine links and are supported by the fact that popular sites have numerous users. There are high possibilities of getting back links to website when your content page is exposed to a large number of users.

One of the most vital needs for social bookmarking is a website that users trust for its valuable content. The magic is spread with an eye catching title and effective keywords. The idea is to get noticed by the users. If the first step is to add the website at the bottom of the content, the final results won't take long before they generate huge rise in website traffic.

It is wondrous that even pages of one's website can be bookmarked. It is specifically possible with such sites like, Folkd and Digg. These websites are easy to access and they provide scope for bookmarking almost all kind of contents.

But there are risks of being branded as a "self promoter" and your account being closed. One easy way to avoid this is to bookmark several related websites along with your own site. This is particular needed if one is engaged in extensive bookmarking practice.

It is easy to recognize the power of social bookmarking. In actuality, once some content is bookmarked, it is then open for the web users from all corners of the world. It is a mutual win-win kind of situation. On the one hand the person is benefited because of the possibility of user linking back. On the other hand, the users are benefited from the valuable set of information provided through the articles, blogs and any other kind of content. The whole idea is to share ones own observations, likings, and specific characteristics of any content that has arrested your attention. But the bottom line remains that in order to have expected traffic and back links to your website, you must be grabbing the attention of the users spread across the world through the content.


Kaushal Gandhi is Director at Aaris Internet Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Kaushal regularly blogs about search engine optimization on Aaris Blog. He has written guide What is SEO?. Kaushal has compiled Google SEO Ranking Factors Guide.

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