The Correct Way to Use Multiple Domain Names for SEO

Domain names are frequently considered as the gates of success for online business venture vying for high search engine ranking. Have you not wondered what hinders success for some webmasters even after owning hundreds of domains? The difference is in the method of using these names and then clubbing right keywords into the URL.

Some factors need to be considered before one decides on how to buy some or the other domain name. This will not only save money but also mean success for your online business.

Thoughtful choice:

Buying domains on whims incurs major losses. Each one that you select to buy should add to the success formula for your online business. Identifying the merits of this can be really tricky at times. Go by this example - if you deal with baby products then consider buying a number of domains for toys, baby food, and perambulator will be meaningful. On the other hand if you go buying names that are not even remotely related with your niche business will be pointless.


There is an underlying difference between a domain and a website. In order to call it so, it must be hosted and there should be substantial content on page. It is vital to note that search engines rank only these domains. So, if your domain misses these traits, it may never e actually ranked by any search engine.

Holding Pages:

Often people leave names of such domains without hosting them. It helps to get them hosted because when each of them they contribute to the site history and domain history. This will improve search engine ranking. The hosted name can then be used at any point of time. Users who have large number s of domains can use a reseller account that will help get unlimited hosting.

Different Content:

Each and every website that is created must have unique content. Even if you have several names no two websites should have replicated or marginally altered content. There should separate optimization for each and every website.

Link Building:

Owners of several domain names can merrily link their websites bit only if they are hosted at dissimilar servers. It only brings in result when websites hosted with different servers are linked. Make sure that you link websites that have useful content and are properly optimized.

Thus, it is justified to say that owning a multiple of them will not serve the purpose or will be of any major benefit to a particular business online.


Kaushal Gandhi is Director at Aaris Internet Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Kaushal regularly blogs about search engine optimization on Aaris Blog. He has written guide What is SEO?. Kaushal has compiled Google SEO Ranking Factors Guide.

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