How to Start A Franchise

How to Franchise a Business

A decision to franchise a business is a serious undertaking. The business should already have a proven and successful track record. New potential franchisees will want to invest in a successful model that can also bring them long term profits.

One of the most successful franchise models is the McDonald’s Franchise, due to its highly successful systems and manuals people can invest into a McDonald’s franchise, complete the training and follow the operations manuals for almost a guaranteed success and profitable business.

Almost every year McDonald’s is recognised as one of the top franchise in the world.

If you believe your business is ready for franchising you should have documented operations procedures, an operations manual and a franchise manual.The set of franchise documents should be a step by step operation of how the business works right from the onset of the business. Business owners can attempt to write the procedure manuals themselves, employ the services of a franchise consultant, or purchase lawyer written franchise manual and templates online.

Business owners should check with country and state laws and regulations regarding franchise requirements. Some countries, regions, and states require strict compliance relating to the franchise operations and requirements. Such documents include a franchise disclosure document and a code of conduct obligations. The Franchise disclosure documents can also be purchased online or written for the business by a franchise lawyer or franchise consultant.

This article is provided for informational purposes only, and does not constitute legal advice.


If you are considering starting a franchise business or expanding an existing business into a franchise, then look no further. We have more than fifteen years experience in the franchise industry and we understand completely the needs and desires to grow your new business.

Ken Brown is a franchise consultant who represents both new start-up franchises and active franchisors. Ken can be reached by email , Skype:kenbrownsoffice or online at http://www.franchisemanu...

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