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It was thought the Internet would be utilized for easy access to a multitude of information virtually at our fingertips. This supposition did come to fruition, but the expanse of its employment was richly underestimated. The Internet has been resourced for not only its wealth of knowledge, but communication, and especially in relation to business, its commerce. Businesses of all shapes, sizes, and industries have graced the face of the Internet; and the enterprise is only greatly expanding.

Businesses looking to broaden the availability of their products and services have made them accessible to consumers on the Web. It is a smart move to make in the age of information, where one does not have to leave their house to 'shop around' for nearly anything. The layout, design, usability, and content are all aspects of a business' Web page. We would like to discuss the advantageous nature of instilling a blog as an addition to an already established Web address. Blogs are formatted in a forum-like way in order for users to communicate. The most popular blogs will pose the visitor with topics that are highly geared towards stimulating opinion and conversation. In relation to business, blogs are a fantastic way to generate consumer interest and feedback.

Previously, a 'frequently asked question' page on a site offered a way to let the owner's of the site relay the sentiment, "We know that our visitors are out there and here are some useful tips and answers to questions and concerns that you may have." This element reassures the visitor that the business does in fact take note of their existence and the consumers are taken in consideration. Blogs relate an equal sentiment, but are more dynamic in nature. A blog can be posted once a week, once a day, or several times a day. In many ways, blogs can take the shape of a web site, but be more interactive. Blogs can serve as a means to directly communicate often with your on-going and potential consumers, and for them to communicate with one another as well.

Thanks to the Internet, any person with an idea for a service or product can establish a business with a computer and access to the Web. This is great for the economy, but bad for businesses vying for the allegiance of loyal and returning consumers. This creates a sense of urgency screaming, "How am I going to convey a sense of distinction from the next person offering my product and services?" Blogs may be an immediate answer to the question. If our word seems not as convincing, maybe the word of the captain of a multimillion dollar company will serve better. The marketing implications attached to blogs are enormous. The customer is a business' most valued asset. Depending on the size of your business, it may be difficult to facilitate a sense of individualized rapport with consumers. There are ways such as mailing lists, emails, and phone calls (maybe not a fantastic idea) to let the consumer know, "You are thinking about them," but as of late, nothing seems to be more economical, has the ability of proliferation, or involves so many consumers than blogs.

If you are going to make the decision to create a blog for your business, do it with full force! One of the drawbacks of having a blog is that you will lose all of the advantages if it is neglected. Be prepared to blog regularly with information on your company, products and services, and links to resources that are both fun and informative. Blogs are an excellent way to transcend the impersonal feel of the business-to-customer relationship and create a gregarious and personable connotation to your business fostered by the consumers. World travels super-fast on the Web, the potential for word-of-mouth marketing is extraordinary; if your blog is a success, it will create a surge of traffic to your site.

Tips for Marketing Your Blog--

- Choose a stand alone domain name

- Install customizable blog software

- Incorporate video and podcasts

- Distribute a press release announcing the blog

- Encourage feedback and reviews

- Research the effectiveness of other blogs of your industry



- Incorporate resourceful and fun links in your blog


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