In a true win-win situation, the best interest is self interest. Therefore, whether a franchisor or independent business owner, you must communicate to your franchisees or employees that by following the guidelines and, if possible, exceeding service and quality requirements, they may be rewarded with additional benefits. Depending on your business, this may include:

· Better compensation

· Rewards other than monetary compensation (i.e., travel, increased responsibility, etc.)

· Improved working conditions

· Better co-worker relations

· Recognition and praise

The business owner can effectively communicate this message via a number of channels: in the operations manual; in the policy and procedure manual; in bulletins, newsletters, memos, and letters; in group meetings and regional meetings; in face-to-face meetings; and through field representatives.

In his book Running Your Own Business, Howard Stern states, “Your product is the source of your employees’ pride. By helping to produce an extremely high quality product, a business owner is showing employees that he/she cares about the business and its customers. This leadership by example is the first step in effective communication of the importance of excellent performance.”

In addition, through training you can communicate to your franchisees and employees that performing to enhance company profitability is in the best interest of all associated with the company.

To make sure you offer the most effective training, assess yourself by asking the following questions:

· What does the franchisee need to learn to provide the intended result?

· What checks or controls will be used?

· What types of training should I offer? (e.g., on-the-job training, classroom instruction, online, etc.)

· Who will teach? The owner or outside party?

· What is the cost/benefit of the training program?

Continually communicate to your franchisees the importance of high quality products and high quality performance for increased profitability!


Thirty-five years ago Kenneth Franklin founded Franchise Developments, Inc., the oldest major franchise consulting firm in the U.S., in order to help start-up franchisors plan and develop their franchise program and established franchisors and licensees to further sophisticate and improve their existing programs. Ken has: •Have helped over 600 start-up franchisors in the U.S. and in 26 other countries. •Have worked with 27 Fortune 500 or International Fort...

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