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When I was a consultant to state-of-the-art technology companies, I would write up a case study of each project and present it to the client with the final invoice. It would document the objectives of the project and the final outcomes (usually much more extensive than envisioned) along with the financials, production and deadline details. I would include the statistical results as well as a comparison to industry standards. In my mind, I was wrapping up the project and reselling the client on the value of the service they had received.

At the Mass High Tech Pulse Breakfast in Waltham, MA, I saw another use of a case study by an online technology firm. In this case, iProspect used a case study of a client, Hat World, to demonstrate the benefits of using iProspect optimization and automation tools for search engines. In a one-page case study distributed to every attendee, they described the situation, the website marketing/sales challenge, their solution recommendation and implementation, and capped it with a fantastic list of statistical results.

iProspect was one of the panelists speaking at the breakfast. Hat World is their client. MassHighTech sponsored the breakfast. In announcing the Pulse breakfast, MassHighTech advertised (to ~60,000 email recipients) who the companies on the panel would be (free advertising for panelists like iProspect).

In addition, each presenter put materials in attendee packets. That’s another targeted 100 industry leaders as prospects who received this iProspect case study. (Cost –- 100 reprints of the case study).

Hat World was introduced to those 100 business prospects through the case study – free.

What did Hat World have to do to get this high visibility (even credibility) among illustrious prospects? They had a clear goal to dominate the online marketplace. And they are forward-looking enough to engage a company who could deliver state-of-the art features to deliver massive and measurable results.

The cost of this publicity -- ZERO. Now that’s a great strategic alliance!

And it is a WIN-WIN, because this success with Hat World positions iProspect as the preeminent product/service provider to help others achieve massive and measurable results on the web, too.

So why not go through your client and vendor files? Search for the standout projects/challenges that can showcase how good you are. It’s worth a phone call to ask permission to showcase the client/vendor in your materials. In addition, invite them to publish the same case study in their marketing materials – which will extend your reach too.


Solopreneur Maven and Business Accelerator Kerri Salls is President of Breakthrough Enterprise LLC, a startup and solopreneur mentoring company committed to empowering solo-professional achievers: entrepreneurs, solo-preneurs, and consultants, with the tools to launch and thrive in the business of their dreams. She has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, consultants, service professionals and sole proprietors thrive and grow to triple profits with her proven strategies and systems. ...

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