Managed Chaos

Could be an oxymoron couldn't it? Chaos is disorder, confusion, commotion, disarray and turmoil. When a leader manages something, it's an effort to handle, cope, control, or direct it. For absolute clarity in this situation, here are two practical tips:

  1. Focus on the vision. Bring everyone back to the vision of what you set out to do. Be clear and stress the vision for everyone to reaffirm.

  2. Make your communications:
Clean - clear simple directives, no gobbledygook.

Frequent - at different levels it may be daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, but have systems in place to keep it going.

Operational - keep it constructive and forward moving.

Drive it daily - you set the example.


Solopreneur Maven and Business Accelerator Kerri Salls is President of Breakthrough Enterprise LLC, a startup and solopreneur mentoring company committed to empowering solo-professional achievers: entrepreneurs, solo-preneurs, and consultants, with the tools to launch and thrive in the business of their dreams. She has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, consultants, service professionals and sole proprietors thrive and grow to triple profits with her proven strategies and systems. ...

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