Monumental Secrets of Guerrilla Marketing – Tactics

I had the pleasure to listen live and watch a webinar by Jay Conrad Levinson as part of Microsoft’s Small Business Summit. Jay is the father of Guerrilla Marketing with almost 50 years in the advertising and marketing industry.

Jay spoke about his monumental secrets of Guerrilla Marketing. After making a number of distinctions between traditional marketing and guerrilla marketing, he took us through sixteen secrets of what it takes to be a Guerrilla Marketer.

1. Commitment – you have to make an unwavering commitment to market your business.

2. Investment – for your marketing efforts to work, you must invest yourself and your resources in your guerrilla marketing tactics – not just a token effort and quit.

3. Consistent – everything you do for your guerrilla marketing must be done consistently, not haphazardly.

4. Confident – The reasons people patronize a business are because of your process, selection, service, and quality (what they get out of it). They must be confident in all these areas to buy from you.

5. Patient – You must be patient to build that confidence in the market.

6. Marketing is not advertising – It’s an assortment of weapons. You must test many of them. Look at the results and ruthlessly eliminate those tactics that don’t hit it out of the park, in terms of resulting sales.

7. Make it convenient – There’s a dirty lie in business that time is money – don’t believe it, rather time is life. Value your client or prospects time and they will value you more.

8. Subsequent to the sale – The real money is in the lifetime value of the new client. Recognize that that is when the money will roll in.

9. Amazement – Be sure to tell your prospect the amazing things you offer – the things you take for granted in your business. They won’t know it unless you tell them.

10. Measurement – This one is hard to use. You need to try lots of marketing tools and measure each one. Ask every prospect and client where they heard of you. Only if you measure your marketing efforts can you eliminate the wasted 50%.

11. Involvement – Listen to customers. Involve them in what you are doing, what you are delivering to the market. Respond to what they say, follow-up with newsletters.

12. Dependent – we are in an interdependent society now (more so on internet). Recognize this and use it to market to your audience.

13. Armament – Armament is the appropriate equipment to wage a particular battle. In business now, that means being technologically astute and applying technology wherever we can.

14. Initiate – The intention of your initial marketing is to get their consent to engage with you, and then you can broaden that to lead them where you want them to go with you.

15. Sell Content – Make it lush; so it blows their mind; be sure it’s fresh. Absolutely, sell the sizzle. But remember that people buy the steak.

16. Augment your marketing all the time – You can’t sit on your laurels. You must refine and add to your guerrilla marketing tactics all the time.

What will you do with this list? Will you read it and move on to the next email in your inbox? Will you file it away with other marketing ideas? Will you pull out your marketing plan and consider your marketing approach and strategies in light of these sixteen secrets? Will you draft some changes to your own efforts to become a guerrilla marketer too? Put these ideas to work in your solo business now.


Solopreneur Maven and Business Accelerator Kerri Salls is President of Breakthrough Enterprise LLC, a startup and solopreneur mentoring company committed to empowering solo-professional achievers: entrepreneurs, solo-preneurs, and consultants, with the tools to launch and thrive in the business of their dreams. She has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, consultants, service professionals and sole proprietors thrive and grow to triple profits with her proven strategies and systems. ...

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