What Will Your Legacy Be?

If you died today, what would your legacy be? Unfortunately, that is a question few people ask themselves or don't think about until it's too late.

Frankly, if I died today, my kids would probably say, "he was a great dad and we really loved him". After the dust settled and Uncle Sam got his share, they would probablyend up with about $50,000. Not exactly the the legacy I want to leave.

With that in mind, I recently started a work from homebusiness. I, like nearly 12% of Californians, was unemployed. I had a restaurant management background and realized that at this point in my life (I was 53 at the time) there was no way I could ever earn enough in that industry to leave the legacy I plan to leave. My plan was to begin making a significant income ina short amount of time. That way I could pay off my debts, insure college funds were in place for my grandchildren, help my kids as needed, and to be able to make more significantdonations to my cancer foundation of choice, Susan G Komen. I have a nephew with autism and I would like to be able to support research in this area as well. At the end of the day, I want to increase from $50,000 to a minimum of $1,000,000 for mychildren.

One of the reasons I ultimately selected the work from home busines that I did, was the ability to make enough money to accomplish these goals. While doing my due diligence, listening to business calls, and speaking with members, I discovered another major benefit. I found this community was made up of not only some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the industry, but also some of the most genuine, giving individuals I have ever met. There are many areas where this community, both the parent company and its members, has and does generously fund multiple charities and worthwhile causes.

Given the opportunity with my new work from home business, I plan to leave the following legacy. He was a really great dad, he made sure our kids college funds were taken care of, he left us enough that we will never have to worry, his involvement with Susan G Komen have broughtus that much closer to finding The Cure and the progress in Autism research - he helped fund that. We are really proud of him and know how much he loved us.


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