Factors affecting the selection of Programming Language

Software industry has had a tremendous impact on many of the sectors of other industries. Most of the users requirements have evolved during the years and all this has happened because of the automation, efficiency, accuracy, cost & time effectiveness of software applications.

As software is covering most of the domains of the industry, the demands and requirements of the clients are increasing accordingly making the software development companies to modulate themselves to suite these requirements. In order to do so, various factors are to be studied prior to the execution of a software development processes. One such important factor is the selection of the programming language i.e. which language to choose so that it can match all the requirements of the client, be it technical or non-technical.

Various parameters which influence the selection of a programming language for a project are:

  • Support & configuration: Platform support is an important factor that decides which programming language to choose. For eg. application to be deployed on Microsoft platform can be programmed using Microsoft's programming suite like Visual Studio whereas Internet applications and mobile applications can be coded with Java. PHP can also be used for internet applications as it depends on the utility of the application on the platform type.

  • Development time: For quick development of the project, high-level language like Visual basic suite can be used to accelerate the pace of development. However, where time is not a constraint for the client, some other programming language in the same category of application like C/C++ can be used.

  • Development cost: In order to suit the budget of the end-user or client, the selection of language does makes a difference. Languages for which licenses have to be purchased separately cost more as compared to open-source languages. This is the reason that PHP applications are more economical over ASP.net applications.

  • Efficiency: The efficiency of an application depend upon various factors and the selection of programming language is one of the important ones to influence the performance. In context of web application development languages, like Perl and PHP, Perl is supposed to be more efficient than PHP in terms of speed, robustness etc. but at the same time, PHP is more easy to learn and implement just like HTML tags.

  • Reliability: The ability of an application to withstand under stress condition is another factor which decides the selection of a language for an application. In-built features of these languages make them more reliable and less susceptible to failure or crashes.

The compiler design of each programming language affects its performance. However, it is not necessary to select a language with best compiler design. The coding style also affects the speed of execution of any program and that is why, a skillful programmer can make a better application from a language with a slow compiler.

Kevin James is the author of this article. He has been writing articles forMobile Application development like Q3 Technologies. Moreover, He has been providing useful content writing material related toCloud Computing Strategy.

Author:. Kevin James is the author of this article. She has been writing articles for Cloud Computing Company like Q3 Technologies. Moreover, she has been providing useful content writing material related to Mobile App Development. Go Deeper | Website

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