Trends in Software Industry

Software industry has been working on alliances, partnerships and is serving at different tiers depending upon "how the end customer is related to the product or service?" Tier I vendors serve higher level organizations and multi-national companies having complex requirements. Similarly tier II vendors serve big organizations but lower in hierarchy of organization structure and then comes tier III, tier IV etc. vendors to serve organizations in lower order of hierarchy.

Technology transition is another trend, which organizations deploy in order to improve the product development strategies and approaches. Focus of the industry has been shifting on upgrading the infrastructure technology to improve the product quality, development process and time duration. Cloud computing bring one such difference in terms of infrastructure management in organizations to allow companies to concentrate more on their core functionality.

Few enterprise trends in software industry in past decade are as follows:

• Rise of Cloud computing companies: Since organizations have understood the importance of outsourcing the infrastructure, there is an emergence in the cloud vendors. Renting the infrastructure services has allowed enterprises to cut the cost of installation of these services inside the campus to a considerable amount. Also, the maintenance of such systems has not remained any issue for client companies. Cloud provider themselves caters such services along with IT infrastructure services.

• Rise of mobile apps: Mobile applications provide an easy highlight to the organizations in the market. Mobile applications are a necessity for most businesses today which is why software development companies are adding it in their list of services. Tablets and smart-phones are giving a boost to the mobile application development business worldwide.

• Social media Involvement: Business progress is impossible using static business development methodologies in a dynamic market environment. Hence, companies are indulging in using social media as a marketing tool to reach potential customers. Social media application is also another field of service from software companies for different clients.

• Modernized technology trend: Enterprises focus on using open-source systems to in their working process due to the reason that licensed applications are costly to deploy initially. Also, technology is rapidly changing so upgrading to the latest one adds-on to the cost of maintenance to a considerable amount.

• Automation and virtualization: This point, in actual, is applied to every major industry in marketplace. Automation of different processes inside an organization makes it easy for the decision-makers to manage and analyze from a different perspective to make better decisions. Virtualization allows the workforce to perform even outside the private network’s boundary of an organization. It provides an enhanced working capability, which profits a company in various aspects.

Globalization has led the convergence of different technologies, vendors etc. in the software industry. Different fragmented strategies and procedures have been structured during past few years, which has provided a more refined and consolidated process for developing software applications.

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