Wireless ERP

ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning is the software implementation and integration of various organizational bodies. This automation of various engaged functionalities, like finance, marketing, manufacturing, sales and services and other bodies, facilitates the flow of information between these nodes of any organizational hierarchy.

Wireless ERP helps in the functioning of the workforce, even outside the boundary of the organization’s network. This network extension improves the productivity of the employee and provides the access to business data, anytime, anywhere.

Wireless technologies like Wi-Fi, allow the connectivity of ERP applications, installed on mobiles or laptops etc. with local server, from any location. It facilitates the communication between the various departments of an organization, even if they are remotely located. This helps in optimizing the redundancy problem and excessive hard-copy handling.

While wireless ERP is very beneficial to companies in facilitating mobile workforce, certain issues related to it are:

  • Insufficient bandwidth availability from network to wireless devices is one of the limitations of using such technology. Under normal circumstances, using wireless ERP is quite appreciable, but under network choking situations or high traffic scenarios, access to company’s server faces the bandwidth problem. In such conditions, users are not able to enjoy the mobility feature of using this technology; rather it becomes a bottleneck for the workforce.
  • Support for multiple devices is another issue which down grades the performance of wireless ERP. It may not always be necessary that whatever the device employee may carry, it should be compatible with the ERP application. This is not quite a big problem in laptops, but with mobile devices, it’s a serious issue.
  • Data backup and recovery is an important thing to deploy if using a wireless ERP. There should be a proper roll-back procedure, in case a network failure occurs during any update process by any employee.
  • Security needs to be taken care of. As network connection is open, proper security protocols should be deployed to maintain the safety of the data. Any intrusion attempt from any location, there should be preventive as well as corrective measures taken to tackle any unwanted situations which root from such attempts.
  • ERP application should be properly integrated and compatible with the existing ERP system of a software development organization. Compatibility issues would make a mockery of deploying such application, if it cannot properly communicate with the existing system of the organization.
Having few issues does not fade out the advantages of deploying wireless ERP. The issues are mentioned above to provide a clearer picture so as to deploy certain measures to overcome the explained problems.

Kevin James is the author of this article. He has been writing articles for cloud computing strategy companies like Q3 Technologies. Moreover, he has been providing useful content writing material related to Offshore Software Development.

Author:. Kevin James is the author of this article. She has been writing articles for Cloud Computing Company like Q3 Technologies. Moreover, she has been providing useful content writing material related to Mobile App Development. Go Deeper | Website

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