"The Secret" by Rhonda Byrne

To many people, reading this book will be like reading your daily horoscope. You're either going to reject it as nonsense or embrace it as fact or simply enjoy it for what it is and smile:) But to be quite honest, when I first started reading "The Secret", I wasn't completely sure if the author was Rhonda Byrne or actually Morpheus from the 1999 movie, "The Matrix", haha! With bold theories like how "Your current thoughts are creating your future life. What you think about the most or focus on the most will appear as your life" (25), and talk of being able to have any sum of money you want (98) or curing your own cancer with just self-belief (128), I kept expecting the next page to tell me that self-belief could also allow person to stop bullets in mid-air or fly in the sky;)

Sarcasm aside, I simply interpret "The Secret" as a self-help book which tries to convince the reader to be happy now (179), and to think happy thoughts all the time in order to attain any goal in life. Highlights include how Byrne emphasizes that "Success comes from within, not from without" (107), you're the only one who can control your happiness (122), and to "Do what you love" (184) and "If it ain't fun, don't do it!" (178) as I couldn't agree more! However, Byrne uses far too many expert testimonies to support her thesis, which I feel does more to discredit her, since they make her book look more like an infomercial and read like a college research paper. I also find it strange how the book presents the idea that "You cannot help the world by focusing on the negative things. As you focus on the negative events of the world, you not only add to them, but you bring more negative things into your own life at the same time" (144) and "It's not your job to change the world, or the people around you" (146), so does this mean we should simply continue to turn a blind eye to the fight against certain diseases or global warming in fear of attracting more of those bad things??

Anyways, if you're a chronic cynic or just looking for a get rich quick plan, this book probably isn't for you as your unintentional self-doubt will always prove to be your foil (89). But if you're an open minded individual who wants to indulge in a new way of thinking, then by all means take the "red pill" like Neo from "The Matrix" (i.e. read "The Secret"), and allow Byrne to show you how deep the rabbit hole goes (and maybe you too can manipulate your world with just your unwavering self-belief and thoughts). The book maybe a tough pill to swallow at first, but it definitely has its shining moments as well. It can't hurt to try something new and I've cashed my check from "The Bank of the Universe" (98), so I'm already rich (as Jeffrey Gitomer defines it:)


Kevin Lee holds an English Specialist Degree from the University of Toronto, and has also completed Seneca College's Computer Graphics Design and Layout Program, and the Up & Running BizLaunch Program. In addition, Kevin has worked in the financial accounting area of Direct Energy and has a background in HTML and copywriting. Kevin is known for giving personal book recommendations that are tailored to an individual's needs and for writing fun and insightful book reviews. He is currently w...

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