Desktop or Laptop?

With the invention of the chip, computer became the world most powerful tool. Whether it was the old time room size computer or the current hand size device, it has its own importance. As time passed, computer became more and more powerful. The size became smaller and smaller and now is the time when it is available in any small size. The question is, is it good or bad for a normal human body?

Going back to old times, a computer was working for us when it was the size of an average room. It was working for us. The technology moved to the next level which was known as personal computer. This was the best computer ever for us. You won't need it everywhere. It would sit on a table. Users would use it and when tired, they would just move away, so no stress on hands, neck, eyes, or other parts of the body. Two hours use of a desktop computer is just enough to exhaust our body.

When the world came up with a laptop, smaller in size, more or less same power many thought it was more convenient, but they did not know one thing, the amount of time they would be spending on this small peace of technology. It's dangerous for our health. Why because we don't know how many hours we are spending on these machines. We are using them on the table, in the living room, on the sofa, sitting or laying on bed, even cell phones are being used in washrooms, on road, in bus, on the street, you name it.

After the laptop, another army of small tables and phone is heading their way now. Netbook, iPhone, blackberry, iPad, Nintendo and many other types of tables, you name it the world have it. The pace of advancement signals that a lot more is coming. How we are going to save our health. Children are losing eyesight. It's steeling our sleeps. It's distracting our attention from daily life. People are not going out for physical activities, exercise, walk etc. Is this a win win situation or something else?

I cannot stop myself to mention the great benefit usage but loss looks even bigger. This situation will become worse when long lasting batteries are in the market because the usage time will tremendously increase. So the question is, what is better, desktops or laptops and phones? My answer is desktop. I have some points to make. It's still there on the table available for use. The world was and will be a better place with desktop computers as we don't need it all the time on the go except for necessary business use. One thing that is very encouraging is, bigger screen are becoming cheap year by year. This is the only hope that would force people to have at affordable prices. I don't see any other help at the moment. One thing is possible, if scientific research comes up with something that can keep us away from using small screens.

Screens are playing the major role in this destruction. Older CRT screen were more harmful than the modern screen. Nothing is perfect in this world but more and more improvement in quality is something that can be another hope as for as human eyes are concerned.

In this article I have compared a regular desktop with a small computer like laptop, tablet or phone. I tried to explain how a personal computer is more useful than a laptop. I elaborated in detail how it's harmful for mental health, eyes and physique. The conclusion is, a desktop is better than a portable computer.


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