Are You SUFFERING From This Rainy Day Sales Mistake

One of my mom's favorite expressions was...

"Kim, it's important to save for a rainy day."

Now as a kid, I really just wanted to spend all my pop bottle money (yes - your Diva picked pop bottles at one time!) but I took her advice.

And I wouldn't spend all of my allowance or pop bottle money...I'd keep about 20% of it back. My sister was the exact opposite. She would blow the entire thing and then come to me for a loan!

Many Sales People Live Too Much In The Moment

Yes - I know we're taught by the self-help gurus to "live in today." But when it comes to business and especially to selling, that is the kiss of death.

I see it all the time.

People get excited when they close a big sale and then promptly throw all caution to the wind and spend every cent. Sometimes they even do it ahead of time (before the sale is even closed)...and that is a recipe for disaster sister.

Selling is like life. It will have ebbs and flows. Sometimes you will be making more money than you can imagine and then 6 months later you're wondering where everybody went!

You Need To Save For A Rainy Day Lady

In sales, there are 2 ways to prepare for the inevitable Rainy Day - when your sales are drenched and soggy and everyone is staying "inside".

1. Don't Spend It All. Even when you have some HUGE revenue months, make sure you're setting aside some of that hard-earned cash in your "Rainy Day and No One is Buying A Damn Thing Fund". Why do you need to do this? Because if you spend all of your cash on marketing, your fancy website and a ton of product that sits in your garage - you will reek of desperation in front of potential customers when sales have gone down the drain. They'll know you need the money just by smelling you. (truly - desperation smells like old rubber boots)

2. You Need To Be Consistent. Especially when it comes to staying in front of your customers and follow-up. Almost like the postman's motto:

"Neither rain, nor sleet, nor gloom of night

will keep me from my appointed rounds."

Guess what - you need to have the same philosophy in maintaining contact with your customers. Even when you're busy or slow, overwhelmed or not - you will only be able to "weather the storm" by consistently showing value to your customers. And that only happens by communicating with them!

A really good friend of mine is brilliant at "Saving For The Rainy Day and No One Is Buying A Damn Thing Fund". Every month, no matter what her sales are, she consistently sets aside cash in her business account.

And you know of course what that does for her - it gives her a breath of fresh air and freedom to make the right matter what her customers are doing that month.

So listen to my mom (thanks for that great advice by the way!) and promise yourself to not spend all the profits and commissions coming your way.

It truly will save you from being "water-logged."

So there.

Love From Your Sales Diva,



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