Are YouTapping Into THE POWER OF PLAN B?

The weather can be very strange here in Canada. I live in Western Canada and we've had a longgggg winter. Many people have been complaining of "Cabin Fever" - they are tired of being indoors and equally tired of boots, coats, hats and gloves.

This is why everyone has been smiling; (even wearing shorts!) for the past week. Yesterday the sun was shining, the snow was melted completely and my little black dog and I went for a long spring walk.

Today? We've woken up to 2 feet of snow. The weather can be weird here in Canada (no wonder I'm one of Al Gore's international volunteer presenters on Climate Change!)

And to top it all off? My internet satellite wasn't working and we had power outages.

I kid you not - every email I started to write went POOF as soon the power went off. Not so fabulous for a woman who makes her living on the internet.

Your Sales Diva was starting to get a little grouchy.

I realized I had to move to Plan B.


So I switched gears and focused on what I COULD do vs what I COULDN'T.

And so far today, I've written 3 articles, this ezine, worked on my new book, connected by phone with some potential new customers, outlined an entire NEW membership site I'll be launching later this year (it is going to be INCREDIBLE) and decided upon some international speaking engagements I've been considering.

The internet will be up sooner than later and I'll be ready for it. (And I won't have pulled all my hair out.)

What Are You Stuck On Right Now?

Do you feel like you're...

• Banging your head against a brick wall?

• Spinning your wheels and getting nowhere?

• Confused but not sure which way to turn?

• Frustrated and bummed out?

• Missing something but don't know what?

• Overwhelmed?

Then Lady - It's Time To Move To PLAN B!

It's time for some radical thinking. I want you to decide to release what you've been frustrated about.

Look - thinking about it 24-7 hasn't made the situation better and I would bet you keep rehashing the same old way/idea of correcting the problem.

It's not working is it? What are you going to do?

You're going to connect by phone with 5 people who are in business and who you trust. I don't care if it is on the phone or in person. (NO EMAIL) I want you to ask for their advice on the issue that is driving you nuts.

Keep your mind open. Take notes. And you'll see how quickly other fabulous options will be given to you.

I think Plan B actually means BETTER because we're forced to be creative in unusual ways. (and of course you can return the favor to these 5 fabulous people that helped you out)

Hmmm. Just checked. No internet yet. What am I going to do?

My Plan B is to keep writing and then go for a long walk with my cute little black dog in the snowflakes.

So there.

Love from your bossy Sales Diva,



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