One Tough Thing You Need To Do Today

My cute little 9-year old black dog is a cocker spaniel and border collie mix. Floppy ears, big eyes and a controlling attitude with loads of sass. (Hmmm sounds like me)

In other words - her face could make butter melt she's so cute.

However, floppy eared dogs are prone to ear infection. Not so fun for my little black dog. She has to have her ears cleaned 2x a week AND drops. (Pour stuff in your ear and see how much you like it)

So WHY does she sit still and allow me to do it?


Because she's learned that if she does the tough stuff - she not only gets loved up during the process but she also...


Are You Avoiding Something Tough?

Hey listen. Been there. I catch myself avoiding things too. Meeting with my accountant at tax-time. Speaking to a supplier I'm not happy with. Saying No to someone who is really nice.

The process of selling and marketing can definitely have some tough spots.

Maybe you feel...

• Stuck

• Or not creative

• Or you're dreading making a call to a customer because you've screwed up

My Diva Advice?

You have to know how to REWARD yourself for doing the tough stuff! (Basically this is what any good sales manager excels at)

Get your butt in gear. As Eleanor Roosevelt said "Do the thing you think you cannot do." And then reward yourself at the end!

How Do I Reward Myself?

For The Little Tough Things:

A phone call to a friend, a new magazine, an uninterrupted hour of reading a book, a walk outside in the trees, a trip to my favorite second-hand bookstore. The list is endless.

On The BIG Tough Stuff?

A phone call to a friend, a new magazine, a glass of wine and my favorite book, coffee with a friend, a manicure.

You get the picture. Big or small - tough stuff always feels BIG. (But the rewards don't have to be)

Face Up To Your Fear And You Get A Treat

Facing what is bugging you and what is making your stomach upset is always the best way to go. You have a serious case of the "Dreads" and you know what? Just get it over with.

So call your accountant.

Finish the invoicing.

Hire someone to do the job you hate.

Fire the client or supplier.

Raise your price.

Call the client and apologize.

Just deal with the _______ that's bugging you.

Do it right now. I mean it! As soon as you finish reading this article. You CAN do it.

And then give yourself a little indulgence for being such a brave cookie.

Love from your bossy Sales Diva,


P.S. I showed this article to my cute little dog. She approved.


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