How to Bring Your Product to Costco

When you think bulk, you think Costco. They are widely known as a top selling grocery store, although they carry a variety of other products as well, from appliances to electronics. Having first opened in 1976, and originally called Price Club, they became so successful that they shortly became the place to go to buy bulk. Costco’s services allow anyone or any business to buy quality products in bulk. The only thing you need in order to indulge in these products is a Costco membership card. Depending on which card you purchase, you will receive different benefits. While buying these products is an easy and cheaper way to shop, how can businesses sell their products to Costco? Knowing how to bring your product to Costco can be a great opportunity for your business. They aren’t going to sell just anything, so what is the best way to go about selling your own product?

First and foremost, you must consider the product that you are trying to promote. You should ask yourself a few questions. Is this the kind of product I would see at Costco? If it is something that is completely arbitrary, and does not seem like something that would sell well there, consider promoting your product to another store. Then again, you don’t want your business to sell a product to Costco that is entirely similar to something they already sell. They won’t end up buying it because it is too common for their franchise. Your business must be promoting a product that could be sold there, but isn’t already. In addition, before you even consider selling your product, be sure that you are able to produce it in huge quantities. If not, consider selling it to a smaller retailer instead.

Once you are sure that your product is perfect for Costco, you must come up with a formal personal presentation, which will be presented to a representative from their company. In this presentation, you should outline your product and how it will benefit Costco. Show the retail price and the revenue in order to prove to them that this product could be a great way for them to make money too. Come up with reasonable payment terms and be sure that they are convinced you can keep up with the demand for your product. When you learn how to bring your product to Costco, you also need to learn how to gain enough confidence to back it up. You need to be sure that it will sell, and that it’s going to sell rapidly too.

All in all, after you’ve considered every single factor behind your product, and the process it will take to sell it, take it to Costco and show them everything you have to offer. Now that you have the basics behind how to bring your product to Costco, you can go to the Costco website and find the location closest to you, which will also have all the necessary contact information you’ll need. Ask questions, stay committed, and if you have the product they’re looking for, this could be the opportunity of a lifetime.

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4th July 2014 10:35am
Hi Kim, I have an idea for selling something specific through Costco, but I need to know something first. Is there any way to protect my idea? Meaning, what is stopping Costco from taking my idea and getting it through their own sources?
1st August 2014 3:23pm
I would like to know how I protect my product. I know of another food store that copies the product and sells it under their name.
Timothy Bush
6th March 2015 10:16am
Hello Shneur,
If you want your product protected from knock offs you would need to file for a patent. If this is not possible, there will be risk in showing the product to any retailer. Costco is not in the business of stealing your product or design. If you present them with a well thought out program that fits their business model, pricing that is a value to their member and an outline of how and where you currently market your product you will have a decent chance to make an impact.

13th July 2014 6:17pm
Hello Kim, I as well would like to know how to protect my product from Costco outsourcing a duplicate.

13th July 2014 6:19pm
Hello Kim, I would like to know how you respond to Shneur's question.

16th July 2014 9:57pm
i would like to know how i go about selling an idea to costco so they can produce it them self
Timothy Bush
6th March 2015 10:10am
Hey Kimberley,
Costco is not generally in the business of producing untested products. You would need to bring your idea to a full product state and prove the concept.

3rd October 2014 6:29am
As far as I know you should register your idea with county, anyone promoting it after that might be penalized for stealing it

26th October 2014 12:43pm
Hello, I have a service that I'd like to present to Costco customers....Costco sells the product. How do I go about presenting the idea to them?

Robin Akin
4th December 2014 3:10am
As far as Costco or any other retailer stealing your idea for a product, it is best to apply for a patent to the product beforehand and seek advice from a patent attorney.

25th February 2015 6:29pm
Hi, Kim. I would like to ask a few question. I have an idea to creat a product to get in Costco. How do I present it to Costco? What if I have only a few sample product to show them? Are they willing to give me a chance before I produce a thousand of the product?
Timothy Bush
6th March 2015 10:22am
Hello Kong, It is important to note that you do not have to produce thousands of products before showing your product to Costco. If you become a Costco supplier you will have the opportunity to advise them of your needed lead time for production. Only once they have provided a PO or projection will you need to produce your product. It should also be noted that, in general, Costco will want you to prove your concept before they will become interested. I would suggest you produce some of your ... Read More

maria giacovzzo
15th April 2015 12:02am
How can l set up a time to meet with a person who l can introduce a line of dairy & prepared foods that is already available in Europe. L have all the brochures and information on these products, and l have also brought over a sales rep / distributor from Italy to speak with you . Can this meeting be set up before April 22as that is his departure date

26th April 2015 1:11pm
I have a new Packaging idea (Patent is done in Canada), how do i get the Idea to Costco? Should I use someone who done this before? or do I waste my Money?
Or do I go direct to the Regional Costco and see what they have to say and risk to have the wrong Contact?
Please advice

18th May 2015 1:23pm
How do I find the Purchasing manager's contact info?

5th June 2015 9:35am
i have a product(Book/doll) combination in the process of production. I have copyrighted the book. It is more seasonal as a back-to-school item. Is Costco interested in seasonal items such as this for children.?

29th June 2015 4:45pm
Good afternoon,

I am a the founder of Lei Glamour Jewelry. We specialize on 925 silver and gold handcrafted jewelry.

I am interested on selling our products at Costco but I am not sure how do I go about introducing my company. Would you please advise?

Thank you for your time.


8th July 2015 7:08pm
I am an inventor and I have a portfolio of my unique design bag which is suitable for shopping for all type of age.i would like to know ; there is any chance to show my idea to any stores of this company and sell it if this idea is Next carry solution I need prototype or just with portfolio I can get the company interest.please let me know which option works better. Thank you


8th July 2015 10:05pm
So, do you suggest to first sell with a sample to other retailers and make sure I have sales before approaching Costco?

Adams Meats
18th August 2015 10:26am
Hello Kim, our company is located in Eastern market in Detroit, Michigan
we are family own family operated business since 1992. We specialize Lebanese spiced meat called" Kafta " this is the product we would love to bring to Costco. My question is how to get our product in Costco stores? and what do we need to do to bring the dream to reality? thank you

[Company name and address removed by site admin]

7th October 2015 1:29pm
I would like to sell a shoes in a big quantities it's natural leather very good quality, how can i start and at least show them a sample first .

marie gaudin
21st October 2015 10:38am
I have a product that would like to bring to costco

Edward Abair
1st December 2015 5:22pm
How would I present a book for Costco Wholesale to sell? The Costco phone voice speaks too fast to catch the address, and does not repeat without listening multiple times.
[Self-promotional info removed by site admin]

24th October 2016 6:34pm
I have a product but it is specific to a certain region (more localized). Would Costco consider it if it weren't for wide distribution outside of Canada for example?

26th January 2017 4:40pm
Is the process any different with getting your service company into costco in the form of a gift card?

3rd February 2017 3:14pm
What is the minimum profit margin on a product before Costco would be interested in selling the product?

3rd February 2017 7:56pm
I would like to introduce frozen food products (zomozas) to Costco and Exotic Tropical juices. What is your advice?

1st June 2017 11:14am
I have an idea for Costco that I believer will not only help them in several areas but possible make them money. I am not sure if I could patent this idea and want to protect it. I started with my local store assist manager who seems very open to assisting my company just a bit leery they may steal the idea.

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