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Are you doing what you love? Do you wake up each morning feeling excited to go to work? If not, take action immediately. I’m not suggesting that you shut down your business or march into your boss’ office and resign, but simply that you explore your options and move toward the direction of bliss.

Here are the top five reasons to change your career if you don’t love it:

• Life’s too short.

• When you don’t like your work you are no good to anyone.

• Lack of inspiration will cause you to overindulge in things that aren’t good for you.

• We either grow or atrophy – which do you prefer?

• You have gifts that the world is waiting to receive.

For many years I had a counseling practice. People would come to my office – one after another – and tell me their problems. While I have great respect for the counseling profession and would rely on it in an instant if needed, being a counselor was sucking the life out of me.

I found myself doing more coaching and teaching than counseling. A few clients loved this, and began to grow and change at a rapid pace. Others would just look at me as if to say, “Aren’t you suppose to just nod your head and support me?”

Being a counselor did not fit my action oriented, grow and grow fast, personality. Once I shifted from counseling to coaching, I loved seeing the clients. My work doesn’t look much different. People still come to my office, one after another, but when they leave I feel energized instead of drained.

The Truth about Energy

We are designed with the capacity to channel large amounts energy into the world. Whether it’s keeping up a farm, or writing a book, contributing your skills leads to deep contentment, and at times, even joy. These feelings are the direct result of energy moving through your body at a high velocity.

Consider, for example, a garden hose trickling water onto concrete. Over time it gets brittle from lack of use and the concrete doesn’t soak up the water anyway. Move it over to a tree, however, and as the water flows, the tree grows!

When we focus our energy and attention in a direction that feels good, we live according to design and the world benefits from our contribution.


The problem with not living according to human design – when you are not contributing the way only you can – is that your body doesn’t get enough energy (essential nourishment) and starts to crave what it’s missing. We often don’t know what we are missing, so we try anything and everything: food, television, alcohol, buying toys, pornography, and other twisted attempts to feel energized.

It doesn’t work – well, it does work for a very short time – but then the cravings start again because what we really need is to feel our own essence. The only way to get filled up, or fulfilled, is to direct your attention and energy toward something that interests you. Then, and only then, will enough energy flow through you to satiate your cravings.

Healthy choices are natural when we are filled up from within – simply because an unhealthy choice would be a drain.

I spend a lot of time teaching people how to manage their energy so that they can feel good and cope well with life. But that’s step two. Step one is making sure you get enough to begin with.

Sometimes only a small shift is needed in order to align with your natural gifts, such as my move from counseling to coaching. Other times, a bigger change is required. This can take some time, and that’s okay. Energy is increased simply by moving in the right direction – no need to rush, just start moving.

There’s only one reason you’re here, and that is to share your gifts. So don’t feel selfish or foolish for doing what you love. The puzzle of humanity is not complete until you do.


Kimberly Kingsley, M.Ed. is passionate about helping people become more energized and purpose driven. Through her work as an energy coach, writer and speaker, Kimberly teaches how to tap into one's unlimited supply of inspired energy, while untangling from constraining habits and relationships. Kimberly is the author of Opening to Life: Reconnecting with Your Internal Source of Energy, Wisdom and Joy, and The Energy Cure: How to Recharge Your Life 30 Seconds at a Time. (Jan, 2008)To learn more, ...

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