Boost Your Productivity by Shifting Your Mindset

Your mindset is everything, in fact, your life is a reflection of your mindset. If you want to improve your productivity - get clear on how to create a mindset that is geared to boost your productivity and take it to the next level. Creating a productive mindset involves developing the ability to make the best possible use of your skills, efforts, time and energy (your most valuable resources), and training your mind to stay away from thoughts and patterns that are detrimental to that process.

Here are the 6 most important steps in shifting your mindset to encourage increased productivity:

1. Focus on the Causes Instead of Dwelling on the Effects:

It's incredibly tempting to dwell on the negative effects of our low productivity levels, but feeling sorry for yourself seldom gets anything accomplished. Take a moment, throw a pity party, if need be, to get it all out of your system, and then start getting to the root of the problem.

Think about the things in your life that stand in the way of you achieving better productivity levels as well as how you can improve on those things to create better patterns. You can't make the negative effects magically disappear without dealing with their causes.

2. ”Thinking” rather than “Thoughting”

Our attitudes and ways of thinking are choices we make, rather than direct results of our experiences that cannot be helped. With over 60,000 thoughts running through our minds daily, it's important to choose wisely which to give more attention to and subsequently act upon.

Accepting and reacting on every thought as though it were a fact, is a grave mistake that can make you a slave to your thoughts and decrease your productivity. Instead of focusing indiscriminately on every single thought, think carefully about which ones are going to serve you better in life.

3. The Blame Game

Blaming others for your low productivity levels is counterproductive. While it is important to identify your time thieves and distance yourself from them, you should take responsibility for your own decisions. With blame, often comes a heavy bitterness, accompanied by a surge of negative thoughts – these thoughts, and how you act on them, can be detrimental to your success.

It's also important not to blame external factors and make excuses for yourself such us: I couldn't do this and that, because that and this happened, etc. Stop this self-sabotaging, avoidance technique, and take the reins to your own life.

4. The Force Within You – Talk Differently to Yourself

While it's important not to blame others, it's also imperative that you're not too hard on yourself! Yes, you have some bad patterns, but it's not the end of the world; it is possible to change those patterns! Your “self talk” has a huge impact on everything you do in life.

Harbouring negative thoughts about yourself, and bombarding yourself with negative phrases such as “I'm so stressed”, “how will I get all this work done”, “I can't do it”, won't get you anywhere. Instead, phrases like “I CAN do this, I just have to find the right methodology”, “this will be challenging but I CAN do it if I...”, “what is causing my anxiety right now and how can I get rid of it,” are all much more productive thoughts that will help to increase your productivity.

5. Live in the Present

Dwelling on the past and worrying about the future is often so distracting that we forget to think about the here and now. Focusing on the present means you can devote more time to considering all the different ways you could do/improve something in your work and/or schedule, instead of working absent-mindedly and just trying to do whatever it is, as fast as possible.

Being aware of your emotions will help you make conscious decisions about how you spend your time; this will not only improve your productivity, but also the creativity and quality of your work and output!

6. Conscious Creation of New Patterns

Once you've deconstructed all your negative habits and patterns and have found the root of the problem, that's half the work done; creating new, positive, productive thoughts and behaviours is the next essential step to increasing your productivity. Focus consciously on what you would like to see happen in your life, not only in the long-term, but on a daily basis.

Think about what a productive day would look like, what you would like to achieve, and focus on following up on those goals with a workable schedule – you'll feel immensely satisfied at the end of the day, having achieved your aims!

The truth is, it's not always easy to change your mindset – it's a long, challenging process that requires serious commitment and dedication. It is also true that every single one of us is capable of achieving higher productivity levels by integrating the above points into our lives. Your mind is your most powerful tool – train it to work in your favour!


Kirstin ODonovan is a multinational business coach from South Africa, author and founder of TopResultsCoaching®, an international company providing coaching services in nearly a dozen countries. With over 10 years working in the field of coaching and personal development, she provides her expertise to help entrepreneurs and small business owners to improve results and performance. She also serves top level, corporate executives in Spain, providing coaching and skills training. She also wri...

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