How to Handle Objections:

Whether you are talking about sales, life, relationships or business, you will always run into objections. Before we talk about how to handle objections, let's be clear on what an objection is.

An objection is a good thing. The worst thing that can happen after we try to close in anything is that the prospect doesn't have any questions or objections. An objection is a request for more information. It is also a reason for not buying which arises out of a prospects lack of understanding and is usually based on lack of information. Objections are fun once you understand the process and procedure.

When we do get objections it shows that the client is engaged.

When we get an objection the prospect saying "You haven't sold me yet".

Never argue with the prospect.

Avoid statements like "yes...but"

Understand auto ejects like: "we're not hiring"

"I'm in a meeting"

"I'm not interested"These are not objections. (more on that in part 2)

Answer questions with questions. If you say it, it may or may not be true. If they say it, it is 100% the truth.

Master the art of questioning to get the prospect to say what you really want to say.

Objection: "We are happy with our current supplier"

Ask the questions:

  • 1. Who are you using now?
  • 2. How long have you been using them?
  • 3. Who were you using before?
  • 4. When you made the change, did the situation improve?
  • 5. Do you think that it makes good business sense to shop around from time to time to ensure that you are getting the very best that the market has to offer? (or)
  • 6. Why would you deny yourself the opportunity for a further improvement?
  • 7. Why don't we do this? Let's set up a time to discuss how we can improve on your current situation. I will need 20 minutes or so to determine how we can be of value to you. If I can offer value to you I will ask for your business. If you don't see the value that I can bring to you we will shake hands and part friends. Worst case scenario we both meet a new friend. Fair enough?
Once you can handle all of the objections, there is nothing standing in your way. When you run into an objection that stumps you, go to your notes and practice your response. The next time you get hit with this objection, you'll look like a pro.

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