Making a Difference in Peopleís Lives: How to Find Your Purpose

Ever wonder why some people have a sense of purpose or reason and you don't?

I wondered this about myself many years ago and then went searching for my purpose.

I was working a sales job that just wasn't doing it for me. The money was okay but at the end of the day when I asked myself "what have I done today?" I couldn't come up with anything substantial or meaningful.

I knew that I wanted to make a difference in the world but I didn't know how. I wanted my children's children's children to know who I was and why I was important. Do you know your Great Grandparents first name or what they did to make a difference? Most people don't (unless they are named after them).

I thought back in my life and looked at the people that had a significant influence on my life. One person who came to mind was a soccer coach that I had as a youth. So I started coaching soccer which I still do today. I hope that I can touch these children (figuratively) in the same way that I was as an influential child growing up. I will be remembered for this but that is just the beginning.

I then discovered the recruitment industry which put me in a position to really change people's lives. I was able to change the course of businesses by helping business owners surround themselves with the right people. I was also able to take people out of jobs where they were not getting what they needed in terms of money and personal growth. As a byproduct of that, I got huge job satisfaction which helped me realize what my purpose in life is and that is to help others get what they want. I thought that if I can help people get what they want, eventually I will get what I want. Turns out I was right.

Now what really makes me tick is seeing the development and success in others. This drives me to help others achieve more than they ever dreamed of. To see the joy that people get from realizing a different way of doing things, to see a different way of life, to reach new levels is all part of my purpose.

But enough about my purpose. It really shouldn't matter what my purpose is. What I would like to do is help you realize your purpose. Following are a few steps to help you figure yourself out. Get out some paper and a pen and write down the answers to the following questions:

  1. What is important to you?

2. Why is that important?

3. What do you want to be remembered for?

4. Why is that important to you?

5. What brings joy to your life?

6. Why does that bring joy to your life?

7. How does what you do affect the people around you?

Now read what you have written over and over again until the brilliance that is inside of you jumps out.

That brilliance is your purpose. Write it down and find ways to achieve it and your life will no longer have that void that you have been feeling.

On my tomb stone I want it to read "We were better off for knowing him." I hope that through my articles I have brought some value to your life.

I have found another way to make a difference in people's lives and that is through online marketing. I teach people how to harness the power of the internet and achieve all of their goals and dreams. You can work from home, make money and watch your kids grow up.

Check it out. It may be the best time investment you have ever made.

Thanks for your time!

Kiven Wenman



Kiven Wenman is a Sales Manager in the recruitment/financial industry & Sales Coach specializing in helping his clients reach their full potential. Kiven takes an introspective approach, helping his clients step outside of themselves in order to have a clear look back inside to see themselves as others perceive them. Kiven has lead sales people in both tangible and intangible sales and is driven by the results in the success of those around him.

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