How Buyers Make Decisions (Part 3)

In last week’s article we discussed the five basic human motivations and how to sell to an achievement-motivated buyer.

This week we’ll take a look at recognition-motivated buyers and how they like to buy.

If someone is recognition-driven, they desire attention and recognition, and want to be seen in a favorable manner. Some people seek recognition for their accomplishments or contributions, others for their larger-than-life personalities. They want to be singled out by others as someone worthy of emulation or special attention.

Recognition-motivated people like to win contests and receive awards others can see and admire. They like to see their name in the paper or be recognized in the community. They like it when others notice their purchases or praise them for their smart buys.

A buyer is recognition-motivated if they like to be the center of attention or receive praise from others. They take pride in your accomplishments and proudly display your medals of achievement. They tend to talk a lot and may be the class clown or local celebrity.

Recognition-Motivated People Enjoy:

• Purchases that show off their status or savvy

• Buying things that will get the attention of their friends, neighbors, co-workers, etc.

• Talking about their achievements or past decisions

• Showing off their purchases to others

In order to sell to a recognition-motivated buyer you must be able to tap into their need to be in the spotlight. By showing them how buying your product or service will get them the attention they crave, you’ll help them get the emotional satisfaction they are seeking.

If, for example, you sell carpet cleaning, you would help the buyer see that guests to her home would comment on how lovely her house looks once she cleans the carpets. If you sell printing, you want to help your buyer understand that his clients will be impressed with his ultra-professional image when he chooses your company to print his brochures and cards.

Stay tuned next time when we’ll talk about the largest group of buyers - affiliation-motivated people.


Laura Posey ( brings much passion to her work as Vice President and Co-Founder of Dancing Elephants Achievement Group. She is a "firecracker" who likes to create and get things done. Over the years, she has received numerous awards and recognition for her sales and management contributions to different organizations. Laura's expertise in sales led her to start four successful businesses. She now translates that sales know-how into a language entrepreneurs can underst...

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