How Much Is Your Sanity Worth?

I’m a pretty good handywoman and I know my way around my power tools. I’ve got all the tools needed to complete some projects around my house but I’m not going to use them. Instead, I’m going to hire my friend, Pete, the handyman to tackle these little jobs for me.

Here’s why…

We all have a finite amount of time to be productive, accomplish tasks, have fun, eat, sleep, spend time with family and friends and generally have a life. Sometimes, the task list is so long and the time so short that one person just can’t get it all done.

That’s what has happened to me with my house.

Between preparing for an international guest who is staying six weeks, getting ready for a major presentation and getting things in order for a month-long vacation, in addition to the normal life stuff, there isn’t enough time to do all these nagging little projects.

To save my sanity, I’m spending a few dollars to clean up my to do list.

Take a look at your own to do list, both personal and profession. What could you offload (read, outsource) to someone else? For a few dollars, you can hire a handyman, organizer, temporary assistant or other helper to clean out a few things that just aren’t getting done.

Imagine the sense of relief you’ll feel when your list goes from packed to manageable.

I know money can be tight but often for less than $100 you can get someone else to knock a few items off your list and free up your mind for more creativity, energy and focused productivity. Or even more fun time. How you use the extra hours is up to you.

If you need resources for folks who can help you find some free time in your to do list, Let me know and I’ll happily refer them.

Life really is too short to feel overwhelmed, stuck or just plain dreading a task. Spend a few bucks and preserve whatever sanity you have left.


Laura Posey ( brings much passion to her work as Vice President and Co-Founder of Dancing Elephants Achievement Group. She is a "firecracker" who likes to create and get things done. Over the years, she has received numerous awards and recognition for her sales and management contributions to different organizations. Laura's expertise in sales led her to start four successful businesses. She now translates that sales know-how into a language entrepreneurs can underst...

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