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I've just noticed in the feedback information on my articles, the number of hits that were enquiring about pre-call sales planners.

My career has taken a bit of a turn recently and I now find myself as theCEO ofa very successful commercial law firm; however I still have a passion for sales and a desire to assist sales people wherever I can. So here's my offer:

Anyone who reads this article and would like a free pre-call sales planner, just email me at and I'll send you one. I know that people say you only get what you pay for and therefore you may not place much value on the planner,so here's part (b) of the deal - if my planner helps you make more sales, then you can pay me whatever you believe the planner was worth to assist you in getting the sale! I'll trust you to be honest. My Christian faith enables me to believe that "as you sow, so shall you reap."

All the best with your selling career.



Lawrence is the Principal of Lawrence Atkinson Career Management Services, and Lawrence Atkinson Practice Management Services.

Prior to starting his own business he was the Managing Consultant, Legal at Advantage Professional, which Lawrence joined following his time as Practice Director at Argyle Lawyers, a Sydney-based commercial law firm. His career includes being the National Manager for Corporate and Community Partnerships at Mission Australia, the General Manager of Shelston...

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