Choosing the Marshall Islands for Company Registration

Asia is attracting many investors in recent times, from entrepreneurs to multinational corporations. While financials hubs such as Singapore and Hong Kong are dominating this area there are other options. The Marshall Islands is one such option within the Asia region. Offshore Company formationis a popular strategy for small and large organizations as it provides various corporate incentives including tax efficiency. The Republic of the Marshall Islands is well known as an offshore jurisdiction, and is ideal for a holding or investment company. The Marshall Islands is not on any OECD list of un-cooperative tax havens after the jurisdiction has implemented the required international standards for transparency and exchange of tax related information.

Marshall Islands are a group of 29 atolls and 5 islands situated in the Pacific Ocean. The local economy is stable and the government encourages foreign investments. Majority of the population speak English fluently as a second language.

The Marshall Islands is an efficient center for offshore company formation. Registering a company in the Marshall Islands is convenient and simple for foreign investors:

· -It does not require a resident director.

· -The minimum director needed is one from any nationality.

· -There is no minimum capital required.

· -Marshall Island’s corporations are statutorily exempt from any corporate tax, income tax, corporate profit tax, withholding tax, asset tax, and stamp duty or exchanges controls.

· -It is not necessary to submit annual financial statements

· -The official currency is the US dollar and after Marshallese, English is fluently spoken.

Well equipped with modern infrastructure and pro-business government incentives, the Marshall Islands are an affective choice for modern international business. This jurisdiction provides engaging business opportunities and is a major center for international companies especially in finance and maritime industry. For these reasons, and others, choosing offshore company registration in the Marshall Islands should be an attractive choice for international entrepreneurs and investors.

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