How A Simple Visual Can Determine Why You Cannot Achieve Your Goal To Increase Sales

Many sales models to actual visual posters exist to help explain and then improve your ability to increase sales. One of my favorite visuals is a plain 3 foot rope. Visualize yourself with one hand on one end of the rope and the other end is being held by your potential or potential qualified customer (a.k.a. as prospect or qualified prospect). Now try to push on the rope. What happens? In most cases absolutely nothing except a grin because you already know that pushing on a rope is totally ineffective.

This is a great visual to demonstrate why 75% to 95% of all actions initiated by the person doing the selling are ineffective. When you are pushing the rope, you simply cannot close the gap between you and your potential customer. Can you now understand why 40% to 70% of sales targets are not achieved. Beyond not achieving the goal to increase sales, these actions create:

  • A self-fulfilling prophecy of I cannot sell
  • A sense of failure
  • Poor self-esteem

You also know that when you are doing all of the pushing, earning the sale becomes far more difficult. You must exert extra energy to convince the qualified customer to buy from you. Can we be honest for a moment does this make sense?

Take a few moments to re-visualize this same scenario, but instead of holding the rope and pushing it, you hold on while the other person (potential client) pulls you close to him or her. In this situation, your desired buyer wants to get to know you better or may have actual interest in purchasing your products or services. As to your actions, they are been dramatically reduced by 75% to 95% because your potential customer is now engaged in pulling you instead of your doing the pushing. The gap between you and your soon to be client becomes far smaller with each pull of the rope.

Remember the old expression about no one wanting to be sold, but everyone loves to buy. This statement could be re-written, no one wants to be pushed into a sale, but everyone loves to pull in want they want to buy. As the professional sales person, you have the ability to push which will negatively affect your sales targets or the opportunity to be pulled which will dramatically increase sales. As always, the choice is yours.


SMB coach, sales and organizational culture authority, Leanne Hoagland-Smith is the People and Process problem solver for forward thinking leadership who want to dramatically improve their business and sales results. What this looks like differs for each SMB and why a phone call to 219.759.5601

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