Is Executive Coaching For You?

More and more people have less and less time, but have greater demands both personally and professionally. This situation has resulted in the emergence of personal coaching within four basic areas: Financial; Physical or Fitness; Life, Career or Transition; and Executive.

FINANCIAL COACHES help individuals with the myriad of financial decision facing today’s working and retired population. Just a few years ago, these people viewed themselves as financial advisors or consultants. Coaching appears to be less intimidating and more supportive.

PHYSICAL COACHES assist individuals to build or rebuild their physical health.

LIFE, CAREER or TRANSITION COACHES help individuals to identify the obstacles that prevent future growth and excellence. Many career coaches promote their credentials because they have achieved some certification program.

EXECUTIVE COACHES also, assist people in reaching that next level of excellence and growth. However executive coaches differ from career coaches in that pre-determined benchmarks are identified. These coaches identify specific measurable benchmarks and help to align the personal and professional lives of their clients. Additionally, there is research that suggests this type of coaching can deliver significant return on investment and dramatically improve productivity. In one Fortune 500 company, the absence of coaching after training demonstrated a potential loss of new skills by 87%.

If are you considering coaching, these 7 tips may help you select a coach to best fit your needs.

1. Referrals – Ask for someone who can validate measurable results

2. Time frame – Minimum of 1 hour sessions to two hour sessions to begin

3. Curriculum – Relevant, proven and promotes measurable growth

4. Tools – Provide a means for turning the words into positive measurable outcomes

5. Opportunity – For ongoing sessions after initial sessions have been completed

6. Fees – Range from $50 to $200 per hour and up

7. Process - Ask why type of process is used

Hiring a coach can be worth the investment. And by following these 7 tips, you should be able to see immediate results in a very short time.


SMB coach, sales and organizational culture authority, Leanne Hoagland-Smith is the People and Process problem solver for forward thinking leadership who want to dramatically improve their business and sales results. What this looks like differs for each SMB and why a phone call to 219.759.5601

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