Maximizing your Marketing in Just a Few Minutes

How often have you been asked "what do you do?" or "what does your business do?" Want to know how to make a memorable impression when you answer this question?

Yes - then perfect your "elevator pitch". This is so called because you should be able to describe what you business does in the few minutes that you spend in an elevator talking to your fellow travelers.

Here's the recipe for your elevator pitch:

• It should last about 3 sentences max! (don't want to bore people)

• It should explain what you or your company does

• There should be a small sales pitch in there!

• There should be a "hook" in there that begs for more questions.

Here's ours....

"I'm the Biz Guru, I own two companies, one in the USA and one in the UK. We specialize in business strategy consultancy, training and book writing."

Note the hook - I always get asked about the two companies and because I am a Brit - about the UK and my accent!

Try yours out with your friends. Hint if they fall asleep you need to revise it.


Lee Lister is a Business Consultant with more than 25 year's consultancy experience for many household names. She is known as The Bid Manager or The Biz Guru.

From an early age she began an unparalleled journey through business consulting that continues to span across the UK, USA, Europe and Asia. She has consulted for a considerable number of companies all over the world. Specialising in business change management, start up consultancy and trouble shooting. Lee's experience in marketi...

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