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We live in a very competitive world and there are plenty of people waiting to grab every available opportunity to get ahead in life. The same applies to companies, especially when it comes to trying to win a tender. A company needs to know all about writing tenders so that they make the cut and give the company the greatest possible chance of winning the tender. Unfortunately, tender writing is a very specialized task and not many companies have the resources to do it properly. This problem is faced by smaller companies in particular that have the infrastructure to complete their work and to provide excellent service to their customers but which do not have the ability to do all the paperwork that comes along with applying for a tender. There are many companies that have to do tender writing very infrequently and cannot justify the expense of hiring a specialist in order to do it correctly. At the same time, they have to ensure that their proposal writing is of the highest quality so that no mistakes slip through and ruin their chances of winning the business contract. There are many bid rules to be followed and many companies make mistakes by neglecting to follow them, albeit inadvertently. If you run a company that has to bid for a tender and you feel that you are not equipped to do it correctly then the simplest solution is for you to hire a company that can do the needful. There are many companies that specialize in helping you through the entire process of bidding for a tender, starting with filling the Pre Qualification Questionnaires (PQQs) and including writing proposals for tenders. Many companies face their first obstacle in the process of applying for a tender when they find the paperwork required to complete a PQQ to be beyond their capabilities. These professional companies will work very closely with you to understand your exact requirements and capabilities and will help you with writing bids that will give you an edge over your competitors and which will increase the probability of you getting the contract. The biggest advantage of hiring these tender writing professionals, apart from the fact that they will complete the job without any errors, is that they are very reasonably priced. It is possible to hire their services on an hourly or daily basis. You could even pay them a retainer if that is your preference for getting your work done. Companies that offer tender writing services can also be relied on to help you with the entire process of bid management. You can even use them to get bid training so that your company becomes extremely competitive in your chosen niche. You will find that these services are very affordable; given that they will help you apply for and also bid for tenders that can increase your revenues considerably. Get set to take your business to the next level with the help of these companies that help you apply for tenders correctly.


Lee Lister is a Business Consultant with more than 25 year's consultancy experience for many household names. She is known as The Bid Manager or The Biz Guru.

From an early age she began an unparalleled journey through business consulting that continues to span across the UK, USA, Europe and Asia. She has consulted for a considerable number of companies all over the world. Specialising in business change management, start up consultancy and trouble shooting. Lee's experience in marketi...

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