Your Autoresponder – The Key to Seven Profit Centers

Your autoresponder – integral to your internet marketing and crucial to building that all important “list” but did you know that its use can also open up seven profit centers for you? Well here are a few suggestions:

1. One Time Offer: When your subscriber completes your opt in form in order to join your mailing list – redirect them to your link page that contains a one time offer. Tell them that they will only see this product offered at such a low price just the once.

2. Adverts in your Report: In the report or viral ebook that you provide to your new subscribers – put s few subtle adverts, affiliate links and recommendations. Be careful not to make your report full of adverts. In order to establish your skills and business it should be full of relevant and useful information.

3. Links in your Opt In Confirmation: To comply with CAN Spam requirements you will need to send a confirmation email asking your subscriber to confirm their request to join your list. You should put a web site link in this email so that your subscribers can recognize you – but you can also place a link to a product after your signature.

4. Links in your Ezine: Of course your ezine or correspondence with your list is a great place to put your links to your products.

5. Links on Give Away Pages: Every so often you can give away products to your list. Send them to download pages and provide an upgrade to the product or a one time offer.

6. Endorsements of Other Products: Once your list is comfortable with you then you can start to endorse other marketer’s products, joint ventures etc. and earn affiliate commissions.

7. Unsubscribe Page: It is a fact of life that people will leave your list – sometimes because they are too busy, sometimes because they don’t like your ezine. On your unsubscribe page – ask them why and put a short link to a give away page to offer that last subtle temptation.

Please Remember:

Don’t bombard your list. Be subtle and subjective in your choice of products and follow a realistic time line in the delivery of your messages.


Lee Lister is a Business Consultant with more than 25 year's consultancy experience for many household names. She is known as The Bid Manager or The Biz Guru.

From an early age she began an unparalleled journey through business consulting that continues to span across the UK, USA, Europe and Asia. She has consulted for a considerable number of companies all over the world. Specialising in business change management, start up consultancy and trouble shooting. Lee's experience in marketi...

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