Why Doesn't Willpower Work For Me?

When was the last time you wanted to make some changes to your health, happiness, financial position, spiritual connection or any other aspect of your life? Were you able to sustain the change until it became permanent? I have some information for you. This information will restore your faith, in your ability to make positive changes in your life by harnessing the power of your unconscious to support you make permanent lifelong change and the reasons why will power does not work!

Did you know that your conscious mind is only 1/6 of your brains total capacity, and the remainder (5/6) is your unconscious mind? So when we decide that Monday is that day we are using our willpower to create change in our lives – that is our conscious mind - we are only using 1/6 of our total capacity. The problem with our conscious mind is that it can only do so much at one time before it starts dropping balls and becoming overloaded. This is the time we start feeling overwhelmed or sometimes even a failure as we struggle to stick to our resolve. In fact it is the clue to why willpower as a tool is ineffective in making permanent change in our lives.

However our unconscious mind has a huge capacity. It does all those unconscious things like breathe for us, beat our heart, digest our food and not just that - it stores all kinds of information, in fact everything you have ever learned, heard, seen, thought or felt is stored in your body as part of your unconscious mind. Have you ever had the experience of remembering an event or person that you haven’t thought of consciously for years, but suddenly it or they are there front of mind? Where was that information before it came to your conscious mind? Stored in your very own advanced computer back-up system - your unconscious mind - ready for retrieval.

So what else is stored there? Well all of our beliefs and thoughts and all the records of every time you started on Monday! Every time someone told you that you were big boned and would never be slim, or that you weren’t sporty, your unconscious mind stored those images, along with images of that person in your life that you loved or thought was cool who smoked. It stores your beliefs about who you are and how your life will be.

Some of this information is really old and way past its use-by-date. Maybe it served you at some time in your life, much like the belief that you’re a 10-year-old child that served you when you were 10, but would it serve you to believe that now? Maybe food always makes you feel safe or loved, and this may have helped a troubled child cope, but does it serve you now to hold on to that belief and continue to act it out? We have so many things stored in our unconscious that we are not consciously aware of, which we still play out in our lives today, creating results or outcomes we don’t consciously desire. Once we become aware of these patterns, beliefs or behaviors then we can change them to a new pattern, belief or behavior to get us the life we want and deserve.

So stop feeling bad about your current state and get excited, because an outrageously healthy life is yours for the living.


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