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If you are looking to open a new office for your business or just want to make your office more productive and reduce your costs, there are many variables you need to take care of in each of the three main types of offices.

Virtual Offices The internet has made it possible for small companies to compete with big competitors. Virtual offices give the appearance of having a substantial company behind them. But, if you want to establish a virtual office, you need to know that there are three main areas of difficulty; Location, communication and management.

  • Location
You should use your location wisely in a way that would reflect the business identity of your company. From the moment you know where you want to be located; you can use postal services that provide you with an address and redirect your mails to your real location. Nobody wants to use their home address for their business.

  • Communication
Internet and cell phones are at the core of virtual offices, they offer you the ability to create conference calls linking as many participants as you want. For that, all you need is to have a good computer and a high speed internet.

  • Managing Your Team
Managing your virtual team can be very complicated if you don’t organize the tasks given for each member of the team. Cloud computing and other online tools like Google Docs will help your team collaborate and list assignments and shared documents.

Serviced Office Spaces Sometimes your business can’t run properly without a physical office. You also don’t want to buy a traditional office because you prefer to use this investment in a wiser and grow your business. Serviced office spaces can be the solution to your business. But, before you sign the contract with the office provider of your choice, you have to make sure that they have all the necessary tools and accessories for your business.

  • Latest Technology and Accommodation
You need to be sure to receive the latest technologies like Wi-Fi and high speed internet connection. Make sure that they have a conference room you can access whenever you need it. Conference rooms have to be equipped with state of the art equipments like projectors, video recordings and other tools. Your serviced office space should have a very comfortable lobby for informal meetings.

  • Design and Decoration
The decoration of your office should reflect your business identity just like any other office solution you choose. You don’t want to be in an old building while your company is selling some new technology. Recent studies have shown that office design and decoration impact the moral and the productivity of your employees. Ask your serviced office providers if their designs take into consideration these studies.

Traditional Offices Re-designing your office is a lot more than choosing the colors of your walls or the plant you want to put in your reception. A comfortable office is not just about aesthetics. Of course, a good looking and comfortable office is better than a place where you and your employees hate to be. A careful attention to design can give a boost to your productivity that would translate in more returns. Actually, your office is a key tool to improving your business, a decision not to be made lightly.

  • Light
You won’t be surprised if I said that light is the most important factor to consider when renovating or buying an office. You wouldn’t buy an apartment where natural light is hidden by higher surrounding buildings. So, why would you buy an office that doesn’t get any natural light?

  • Space
It is now proven by specialists that the old standard offices where executive offices surround the area of spaces cubicles in the middle limit collaboration and have shown to slow down coordination times.

  • Flexibility
Flexible space offices are more productive than the classic offices. To create flexible office spaces, you need interchangeable components that can be customized to specific employee’s need. A graphic designer in need of multiple large computer monitors can have more space than his manager that only need a place to communicate with his team members. You have to know that office spaces are not directly tied to a company hierarchy.

An office space reflects your business identity. It puts in evidence your business personality and your company’s culture. Whether you are a virtual company or not, you can always give the impression and identity you want to your company. All what happens in the background is just a configuration you see that would reduce office costs and increase productivity.


Lewis Edward is one of the owners of TheOfficeProviders. He is a real estate investor with many interests in other sectors. Lewis researches and contributes various written features for TheOfficeProviders in areas regarding real estate, including office space to rent and serviced offices , and general business and economy matters. Lewis is experienced in the inner workings of both the traditional and flexible workspace industries and has developed ...

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