Using Social Networking to Attract Loyal Customers

Attracting customers with social networking marketing is a way of finding new customers and of generating loyalty in both new and old customers. Businesses that take the time to attract and maintain their social networking presence can expect to see more customers find out about their business in general, but they can also expect to develop a community of loyal customers and future customers. Building a Customer Community

Like any community, an online community is generally based on mutual interests. Online communities spring up around blogs, Web content sites, forums and social networking sites. This community is a powerful force in e-commerce and can attract a lot of attention for an online business. It can lead to a high rate of word of mouth that brings in more and more customers over time.

Being a part of such a community can keep customers coming back over and over again to talk to other community members as well as to see what's new with the page itself. In some cases, customers see the newest additions to the page because they have come to socialize with each other.

Networking Profile Information

The information that is contained in a profile page is exactly the type of information that customers want to know about if they are researching the company. They come across an interesting business, and they want to know more. They want to get a better feel for the character and reputation of the company.

Being able to find profiles of the company, run by the company itself, can help these researchers to find out what they want to know. They see that the business is strictly professional, humorous, creative, or whatever type of reputation the business wants itself portrayed as.

Making a Business More Personal

One of the things that can create customer loyalty is a feeling of personal connection with a business. That can be accomplished by the personal communication that is made easy by social networking sites. The messaging systems of these websites are simple to use, and they allow just about anyone to leave messages for the business.

These messages can include questions that customers want to ask before making a purchase. They can also include leaving compliments about the products or services that customers have received from the business.

Sometimes, the messages may be complaints about the business or what it sells. When that is the case, this presents an invaluable opportunity for the business to show its customers that it is willing to help with any problems that occur. This is one of the most trusted traits in businesses, and it can be shown to customers easily on a social networking page.


Liam McCauley is a business coach and mentor located in Charlotte , NC , who specializes in providing serious entrepreneurs the skills in internet marketing to build a profitable online business with multiple income streams. To contact Liam , please call (803)412-1449 or visit

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